A letter from a patient

Here's a terrific note I just received from a patient. Helping people like this feel better is why became a Cardiologist. Doctor Portnay,I just thought I'd drop you an email.  I just want to let you know thatI am feeling great, and I mean great. Somehow that little tweekingand you telling me to increase my dosage of lasix seemed to do thetrick. The my tireness, and feeling sluggish went away.I am in Boston and realized that I am back to being myself. I amwalking everywhere with a spring in my step.So, I want to thank you for saving my life.  I didn't realize how sickI was. I just plugged along going to work and my slowing down washardly noticeable to me.  I thought it was just some thing that happenin the aging process. I was going down hill fast.  My decline was like some-thing one of my science teachers mentioned to me a million years ago.Put a frog in cold water and while the heat is turned on, he will sit in thewater it he boils to death.I was like that frog, I didn't know how sick I was or that my heart wasfailing. My sister Chris, working for Cardiology saw something waswrong with me, and I should be check you by, you specificially.With your testing and quick action, the pacemaker was installed,beautifully by Doctor Pittaro.  I was quickly able to get back towork. It took a while before I noticed that my health generally wasimproving. With your positive attitude, and wise counsel I was feelingbetter and be...
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