Reducing Mental Effort – Part 7

Our series on reducing mental effort continues. This is the final piece in the series. Reduce decision fatigue Consider how many times you may ask yourself questions like these during a typical week: What should I do now?What should I eat?What should I wear?Do I feel like exercising today?What should I watch now?Should I go out or stay in? Even if you don’t ask that question consciously, your subconscious mind still has to address it. Or do you ever have thoughts like these come up? I should go shopping soon.I really ought to do laundry.I should catch up on emails.I need to remember to pay my bills this week.When am I going to find time to _____? Are you really facing unique and different options each time you ponder these questions and thoughts? Or are you actually making very similar decisions each time? Your work and your typical days probably involve a lot of patterns. You can leverage the predictability and stability of your known patterns to make many decisions less often. And you can also replace some chaotic decisions with patterns to systematize your daily and weekly flow even more. A common objection here is that if your life becomes too predictable, it will become boring because you’ll be removing so much of the surprise aspect. And that is a valid objection in general, but it’s easier to get past it by asking this question: If you didn’t have to spend much mental energy repeatedly making daily decisions like wh...
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CONCLUSIONS: Based on our experience the soft technique is a safe and feasible way to create a preperitoneal flap. Operating time is drastically reduced and the learning curve is reduced even for less experienced surgeons. PMID: 32456400 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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CONCLUSIONS: Our data show that a primary laparoscopic approach in patients with PPU is associated with postoperative advantages and acceptable rates of morbidity and mortality, essentially related to high Boey score. Therefore, we suggest that the surgical repair of PPU could be always started laparoscopically. PMID: 32456394 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Minerva Chirurgica - Category: Surgery Tags: Minerva Chir Source Type: research
Publication date: 15 October 2020Source: Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume 398Author(s): Minhan Zou, Xin Zhao, Xiaoxuan Zhang, Yuanjin Zhao, Chunwu Zhang, Keqing Shi
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Abstract Cotinine is the main metabolite of nicotine, which is metabolized in the liver through a cytochrome P450 enzyme. Different studies point to genetic instability caused by nicotine, such as single and double DNA strand breaks and micronuclei formation, but little is known about the effect of cotinine. Therefore, the present in vitro study assessed the effects of cotinine on cell viability and DNA damage in SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells, as well as genotoxicity related to oxidative stress mechanisms. Comparisons with nicotine were also performed. An alkaline comet assay modified by repair endonucleases (FPG, OGG1, and ...
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Condition:   Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries Interventions:   Procedure: Immediate anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction;   Other: Rehabilitation;   Procedure: Optional delayed anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Sponsors:   Universitaire Ziekenhuizen Leuven;   Federaal Kenniscentrum voor de Gezondheidszorg;   Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Liège Not yet recruiting
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A fair amount of effort is presently put towards the exploration of supplements derived from vitamin B3 compounds (nicotinamide, niacin, nicotinamide riboside) that act as precursors to enable the manufacture of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). NAD is an important component in mitochondrial activity, and levels decline with age. Some portion of the loss of mitochondrial function, implicated in the progression of many age-related conditions, is due to NAD insufficiency. There is a rich history of the use of high doses of vitamin B3 as an intervention, most of it predating modern understanding of the role of NAD in m...
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Publication date: Available online 29 May 2020Source: Revista Española de Cardiología (English Edition)Author(s): Estefanía Fernández Peregrina, Violeta González Salvado, Luis Asmarats Serra, Chi Hion Li, Antonio Serra Peñaranda, Dabit Arzamendi Aizpurua
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The objective of this study was to evaluate the regeneration of bone defects using collagen and elastin membranes derived from intestinal serosa and bovine auricular cartilage combined with low-level laser application. Thirty-six Wistar rats were operated to create a 3-mm defect in the distal metaphysis of the left femur and divided into six groups: G1 (control, no treatment); G2 (laser); G3 (elastin graft), G4 (elastin+laser); G5 (collagen graft); G6 (collagen+laser). The animals were sacrificed 6  weeks after surgery and the femurs were removed for analysis of bone repair. Macroscopic and radiological results showed...
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Contributors : Ming Liu ; Fengshen Kuo ; Ming LiSeries Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencingOrganism : Mus musculusThe immune system employs two distinct defense strategies against infections: pathogen elimination typified by type 1 immunity, and pathogen containment exemplified by type 2 immunity concomitant with tissue repair. Akin to infectious diseases, cancer progresses with cancer cell acquisition of microorganism-like behavior propagating at the expense of the host. While immunological mechanisms of cancer cell elimination are well defined, whether immune-mediated cancer cell containment can be i...
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Chronic tissue injury was shown to induce progressive scarring in fibrotic diseases such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), while an array of repair/regeneration and stress responses come to equilibrium t...
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