Comparison of the Wide-Awake Approach and Conventional Approach in Extensor Indicis Proprius–to–Extensor Pollicis Longus Tendon Transfer for Chronic Extensor Pollicis Longus Rupture

Conclusion: Compared with the conventional approach, the wide-awake approach showed significantly better results in the thumb’s range of motion and functional outcomes, especially in the early postoperative periods. CLINICAL QUESTION/LEVEL OF EVIDENCE: Therapeutic, III.
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Abstract Children with multiple exposures to anesthesia and surgery may be more likely to develop learning disability. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) was reported to reduce the multiple sevoflurane treatment induced cognitive deficiency in 6-day old young mice. However, its specific mechanisms have not yet been found. This research aimed to reveal the role of ApoE in the pathogenesis of cognitive deficiency caused by sevoflurane anesthesia and the protective mechanism of CoQ10 in a multiple sevoflurane treatment model of young mice. The mice were randomly divided into 4 groups: Control + corn oil, Sevoflurane + corn oil, Co...
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Condition:   Adult Patients With Intellectual and/or Physical Disabilities Requiring Dental Treatment Under General Anesthesia Intervention:   Other: No patient treatment is associated with the study Sponsor:   University of Göttingen Completed
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ConclusionsUsing the developed nomogram surgeons can estimate the probability of achieving a clinically relevant pain reduction 1 to 2 years after LSF and consequently inform patients on expected outcomes when considering treatment.
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CONCLUSION: Traumatic cataracts and retinal detachments due to self-inflicted injury may cause severe visual loss. Visual prognosis although poor in children with severe intellectual disabilities may be optimized with risk awareness for early detection and customized interventions. PMID: 32452266 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Blast-induced traumatic brain injury (bTBI) is one of the major causes of persistent disabilities in Service Members, and a history of bTBI has been identified as a primary risk factor for developing age-associated neurodegenerative diseases. Clinical observations of several military blast casualties have revealed a rapid age-related loss of white matter integrity in the brain. In the present study, we have tested the effect of single and tightly coupled repeated blasts on cellular senescence in the rat brain. Isoflurane-anesthetized rats were exposed to either a single or 2 closely coupled blasts in an advanced blast simu...
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Recent decades have witnessed incredible developments in the care of children with congenital heart disease (CHD), such that survival into adulthood is the expected outcome. Improved survival has shifted the focus from improvements in mortality to improvements in morbidity, with long-term neurologic sequelae among the most important. Children with CHD who undergo corrective procedures in infancy and early childhood have a high rate of neurodevelopmental disability later in childhood. Impaired neurocognition is a result of many factors, including prenatal brain injury; preoperative hemodynamic derangements; exposure to anes...
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AbstractObjectiveMiddle cluneal nerve entrapment (MCN-E) around the sacroiliac joint can elicit low back pain (LBP). Pain control can be obtained with anesthetic nerve blocks; however, when their effectiveness is transient, surgical release may be necessary. We investigated the efficacy of radiofrequency thermocoagulation (RFTC) in patients with MCN-E.MethodsBetween December 2018 and August 2019, 11 consecutive patients (4 men, 7 women; mean age 76.4  years) with intractable medial buttock pain due to MCN-E underwent MCN RFTC. The mean symptom duration was 49.5 months; pre-RFTC local MCN blocks provided pain reli...
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Conclusions A change in World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule 2.0 score of 5% or more after surgery is consistent with a clinically important change in disability. Patients with a score less than 16% after surgery have an acceptable symptom state and can be considered as disability-free, whereas patients with a score of 35% or more can be considered as having at least moderate clinically significant disability.Editor ’s PerspectiveWhat We Already Know about This TopicThe World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule 2.0 is finding widespread adoption as a patient-centered outcome measure...
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Abstract Frailty is a syndrome characterized by decreased reserves across multiple physiologic systems resulting in functional limitations and vulnerability to new stressors. Physical frailty develops over years in community-dwelling older adults but presents or worsens within days in the intensive care unit (ICU) because common mechanisms governing age-related physical frailty are often exacerbated by critical illness. The hallmark of physical frailty is a combined loss of muscle mass, force, and endurance. About one-third of ICU patients have frailty before hospitalization, which increases their risk for both sh...
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Abstract Traditional approaches to clinical risk assessment utilize age as a marker of increased vulnerability to stress. Relatively recent advancements in the study of aging have led to the concept of the frailty syndrome, which represents a multidimensional state of depleted physiologic and psychosocial reserve and clinical vulnerability that is related to but variably present with advancing age. The frailty syndrome is now a well-established clinical entity that serves as both a guide for clinical intervention and a predictor of poor outcomes in the primary and acute care settings. The biological aspects of the...
Source: Anesthesia and Analgesia - Category: Anesthesiology Authors: Tags: Anesth Analg Source Type: research
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