Stochasticity and Infectious Disease Dynamics: Density and Weather Effects on a Fungal Insect Pathogen.

Stochasticity and Infectious Disease Dynamics: Density and Weather Effects on a Fungal Insect Pathogen. Am Nat. 2020 Mar;195(3):504-523 Authors: Kyle CH, Liu J, Gallagher ME, Dukic V, Dwyer G Abstract In deterministic models of epidemics, there is a host abundance threshold above which the introduction of a few infected individuals leads to a severe epidemic. Studies of weather-driven animal pathogens often assume that abundance thresholds will be overwhelmed by weather-driven stochasticity, but tests of this assumption are lacking. We collected observational and experimental data for a fungal pathogen, Entomophaga maimaiga, that infects the gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar. We used an advanced statistical-computing algorithm to fit mechanistic models to our data, such that different models made different assumptions about the effects of host density and weather on E. maimaiga epizootics (epidemics in animals). We then used Akaike information criterion analysis to choose the best model. In the best model, epizootics are driven by a combination of weather and host density, and the model does an excellent job of explaining the data, whereas models that allow only for weather effects or only for density-dependent effects do a poor job of explaining the data. Density-dependent transmission in our best model produces a host density threshold, but this threshold is strongly blurred by the stochastic effects of weather. Our work shows that host-abundance thresholds...
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Working in South Africa, she led studies and drug trials, hoping to overcome not only H.I.V. but also cultural barriers to stopping its spread. She died of the coronavirus.
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Authors: Ghazali R, Mehta KJ, Bligh SA, Tewfik I, Clemens D, Patel VB Abstract BACKGROUND: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a common cause of liver disease worldwide and is a growing epidemic. A high ratio of omega-6 fatty acids to omega-3 fatty acids in the diet has been implicated in the development of NAFLD. However, the inflicted cellular pathology remains unknown. A high ratio may promote lipogenic pathways and contribute to reactive oxygen species (ROS)-mediated damage, perhaps leading to mitochondrial dysfunction. Therefore, these parameters were investigated to understand their contribution to N...
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Be very careful how you interpret the current geographic distribution of the Covid epidemic. The difference between places that have a lot of it now and the places that only have a little is time. Many states and localities that did not take mitigation measures because they didn't think they had a big problem are going to have a big problem soon.That's a key concept in epidemiology, which I have discussed before: exponential growth. If one person infects two people, and those in turn infect four, and they in turn infect eight, and so on, you think you don't have a problem on Septober 1 and then find you have a big problem ...
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Recipes circulating on social media say it ’s simple. But the end result is not like the real thing, and it may not be effective at killing germs.
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Gun-related injuries are a hotly debated sociopolitical topic in the United States. Annually, more than 33 million Americans seek heathcare services for mental health issues. These conditions are the leading cause of combined disability and death among wom...
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[VOA] The U.N. children's fund warns thousands of children in Democratic Republic of Congo are at risk of dying from epidemics other than coronavirus -- a situation that will likely worsen as the spread of COVID-19 threatens to divert scarce prevention resources. DRC authorities have confirmed 98 cases, including eight deaths since the start of the coronavirus.
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[IPS] Geneva -The multi-layered crisis of the Coronavirus epidemic has been a dramatic shock to everyone. But, to communities affected by HIV and AIDS, the crisis has not only brought a further shock to already vulnerable people, it has brought other reactions too - a troubling sense of d éjà vu, and a passionate, empathetic, fierce solidarity with all those affected by Coronavirus.
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(Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health) Public health scientists predict that school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic will exacerbate the epidemic of childhood obesity in the United States. Andrew Rundle, DrPH, associate professor of epidemiology at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, and colleagues expect that COVID-19-related school closures will double out?of?school time this year for many children in the US and will exacerbate risk factors for weight gain associated with summer recess.
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(Scripps Research Institute) An antibody recovered from a survivor of the SARS epidemic in the early 2000s has revealed a potential vulnerability of the new coronavirus at the root of COVID-19, according to a study from scientists at Scripps Research.
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(NEW YORK) — With all their familial love and drama, the Cuomo brothers — Andrew during the daytime, Chris at night — have become compelling figures in the plague-driven landscape of American television. Andrew, New York’s governor, holds a near daily televised briefing on the epidemic, a mixture of statistics, aphorisms and advice together with prodding and praise directed at a fellow Queens, N.Y., native, President Donald Trump. Women and Democrats swoon. Chris has tested positive for coronavirus and done his prime-time CNN shows this week while quarantined in his basement, describing his fever, c...
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