Ciliary Rab28 and the BBSome negatively regulate extracellular vesicle shedding

Cilia both receive and send information, the latter in the form of extracellular vesicles (EVs). EVs are nano-communication devices that influence cell, tissue, and organism behavior. Mechanisms driving ciliary EV biogenesis are almost entirely unknown. Here, we show that the ciliary G-protein Rab28, associated with human autosomal recessive cone-rod dystrophy, negatively regulates EV levels in the sensory organs ofCaenorhabditis elegans in a cilia specific manner. Sequential targeting of lipidated Rab28 to periciliary and ciliary membranes is highly dependent on the BBSome and the prenyl-binding protein phosphodiesterase 6 subunit delta (PDE6D), respectively, and BBSome loss causes excessive and ectopic EV production. We also find that EV defective mutants display abnormalities in sensory compartment morphogenesis. Together, these findings reveal that Rab28 and the BBSome are key in vivo regulators of EV production at the periciliary membrane and suggest that EVs may mediate signaling between cilia and glia to shape sensory organ compartments. Our data also suggest that defects in the biogenesis of cilia-related EVs may contribute to human ciliopathies.
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Abstract Local anesthetics are essential medications for the conduction of dermatological procedures. They stop the depolarization of nerve fibers and are divided into two main categories, the amide and ester types. Systemic toxicity with reflex on the central nervous and cardiovascular systems is their most feared adverse reactions, and the anaphylactic reaction is the most concerning one. Although potentially fatal, these events are extremely rare, so local anesthetics are considered safe for use in in-office procedures.
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Conclusion: An underwater evacuation training produced an increase in the sympathetic nervous system modulation, elevating the psychophysiological stress response of the air crews, not negatively affecting their cortical arousal.
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This study highlights the importance of appropriate cutaneous sensory feedback to the inte rlimb transfer of strength following unilateral training. AbstractThe relative contribution of cutaneous sensory feedback to interlimb strength transfer remains unexplored. Therefore, this study aimed to determine the relative contribution of cutaneous afferent pathways as a substrate for cross ‐education by directly assessing how “enhanced” cutaneous stimulation alters ipsilateral and contralateral strength gains in the forearm. Twenty‐seven right‐handed participants were randomly assigned to 1‐of‐3 training gr...
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Abstract Takotsubo syndrome (TTS), also known as stress cardiomyopathy, is a type of acute heart failure syndrome triggered by intense psychological or physiological stress. TTS typically manifests as acute chest pain, dyspnea or syncope that mimics an acute myocardial infarction but does not involve coronary artery obstruction. The current understanding of the pathogenesis of TTS suggests that sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activation plays a central role. Specifically, stress can activate the SNS and lead to the over-release of catecholamine, which have toxic effects on myocardial tissue when present at excess...
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ConclusionsPsychosocial interventions should address problems of anxiety and depression that people with MDs frequently experience, even through fostering parents ’ and childrens’ engagement coping over disengagement coping.
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Publication date: Available online 26 March 2020Source: Meta GeneAuthor(s): Omid Daneshjoo, Ali hosseini, Masoud Garshasbi, Antonio Pizzuti
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In this study, we report a novel approach for measurement of interstitial cardiac norepinephrine, using minimally invasive electrode-based fast scanning cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) applied in a beating porcine heart. The first multi-spatial- and high temporal- resolution, multi-channel measurements of norepinephrine (NE) release in vivo are provided. Our data demonstrate rapid changes in interstitial NE profiles with regional differences in response to coronary ischemia, sympathetic nerve stimulation, and alterations in preload/afterload. PMID: 32216617 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Conclusion: This represents one of the few cases of Vitelliform Macular Dystrophy with incomplete penetrance, being the first in our country and Latin America, and with our reported mutation with this characteristic. PMID: 32207364 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Hemodynamic response during respiration – MCQ – Answer Which of the following is not a normal hemodynamic response during respiration? – Correct Answer: c) Heart rate decreases in inspiration Heart rate increases in inspiration. This is a compensatory reflex in response to the fall in blood pressure during inspiration. Back to question
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BackgroundSome evidence support the notion that microglia activation in acute state of schizophrenia might contribute to damage of oligodendrocytes and myelinated fibers. Previously we found dystrophic changes of oligodendrocytes in prefrontal white matter in schizophrenia subjects displaying predominantly positive symptoms as compared to controls. The aim of the study was to verify whether microglial activation might contribute to dystrophic changes of oligodendrocytes in prefrontal gray matter in this clinical subgroup.MethodsTransmission electron microscopy and morphometry of microglia and adjacent oligodendrocytes were...
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