Weed-derived compounds in Serbian groundwater could contribute to endemic kidney disease

(American Chemical Society) People living in Balkan farming villages along the Danube River have long suffered from a unique type of kidney disease known as Balkan endemic nephropathy. Recently, scientists linked the disorder to compounds from a local weed that could be taken up into food crops from the soil. Now, researchers reporting in ACS' journalEnvironmental Science&Technology have discovered that contaminated groundwater could be another important source of human exposure.
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by Jun Zhang, Ming Yue, Yi Hu, Robert Bergquist, Chuan Su, Fenghua Gao, Zhi-Guo Cao, Zhijie Zhang Elimination of the intermediate snail host ofSchistosoma is the most effective way to control schistosomiasis and the most important first step is to accurately identify the snail habitats. Due to the substantial resources required for traditional, manual snail-searching in the field, and potential risk of miss-classification of potential snail habitats by remote sensing, more convenient and precise methods are urgently needed. Snail data (N = 15,000) from two types of snail habitats (lake/marshland and hilly areas) in Anhui ...
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ConclusionThe HAT/Malaria Combined prototype RDT was as accurate as the individual malaria or gHAT RDTs. The HAT/Malaria Combined prototype RDT is therefore suitable for both malaria diagnosis and gHAT screening. However, there is a need to assess its accuracy using fresh samples in prospective clinical trials.
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Dengue virus (DENV) that consists of four serotypes (DENV-1, DENV-2, DENV-3, and DENV-4) is the cause of dengue fever which has a wide clinical spectrum including both mild (dengue fever, DF) and severe clinical manifestations (dengue hemorrhagic fever, DHF and dengue shock syndrome, DSS).(Zhang et al. 2019b) It is a mosquito-borne virus belonging to the family flaviviridae, genus flavivirus and endemic in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world, such as Guangdong province of China, Singapore and Vietnam.(Brady et al.
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AbstractBurkholderia pseudomallei is the causative agent of melioidosis, a disease with high morbidity that is endemic in South East Asia and northern Australia. An unusual feature of the bacterium is its ability to induce multinucleated giant cell formation (MNGC), which appears to be related to bacterial pathogenicity. The mechanism of MNGC formation is not fully understood, but host cell factors as well as known bacterial virulence determinants are likely to contribute. Since members of the tetraspanin family of membrane proteins are involved in various types of cell:cell fusion, their role in MNGC formation induced byB...
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We present two cases of popular interest due to the recent increase in its prevalence.
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CONCLUSIONS: At present, lacking an effective vaccine, the prevention and implementation of standard precautions such as chemoprophylaxis, represent the safest strategy to put into practice to eradicate the disease especially for the groups at greater risk as visiting friends and relatives. PMID: 32242538 [PubMed - in process]
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CONCLUSIONS: Understanding the epidemiology of the disease may assist the health services in formulating effective control measures for improving community health and contributing to the establishment of a dynamic relationship and a global awareness of the health/disease process.
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This article examines how working hours have been reduced at their companies, without cutting salaries, or sacrificing productivity or profitability. In implementing 4‐day weeks or 6‐hour days, they can solve recruitment and retention problems, promote work–life balance, incentivize employees to work smarter, increase focus and creativity—and create more sustainable careers and businesses. The article spotlights a variety of companies, including the Copenhagen restaurant Noma, the Japanese ecommerce retailer Zozo, a nd the Korean delivery app maker Woowa Brothers. The author points out that these companies ...
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Rape is an endemic criminal sexual behaviour in Nigeria and its perpetration not only violates survivors' dignity but also compromises their health and wellbeing. The rape-related data used in this traditional literature review are derived mainly from smal...
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