Request for Startups in the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Space, 2020 Edition

This is the latest in a series of yearly posts in which I suggest areas of development for biotech startups I'd like to see actively developed as a part of the longevity industry in the near future. Today, this year, is a good time to be starting a company focused on the production of a novel therapeutic approach to intervening in the aging process. There is a great deal of funding for seed stage investment, and many compelling projects lacking champions, yet to be carried forward from academia into preclinical development. Numerous scientific and industry crossover conferences are now held every year, at which it is possible to meet a mix of entrepreneurs, scientists, and investors, all interested in advancing the state of the art. The industry, and its pool of potential funds for later stage investment, are both growing rapidly, driven by the energetic activities of patient advocates such as Aubrey de Grey and activist investors such as Jim Mellon and his allies. The public at large is becoming ever more aware of the potential to change the progression of aging. This will become a very large industry in the years ahead, and rejuvenation will eventually become the largest portion of medicine as a whole. There is tremendous opportunity here, both for returns on investment, and to change the human condition for the better. A Viable Approach to Medical Tourism for the Era of Rejuvenation Therapies Rejuvenation therapies, by their nature, have a far greater market ...
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