Rapid and accurate detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in beef using microfluidic wax-printed paper-based ELISA

Analyst, 2020, Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1039/D0AN00224K, PaperYanan Zhao, Dexin Zeng, Chao Yan, Wei Chen, Jianluan Ren, Yuan Jiang, Luyan Jiang, Feng Xue, Dejun Ji, Fang Tang, Mingqiang Zou, Jianjun Dai Escherichia coli O157:H7 is a severe foodborne pathogen that causes lots of life-threatening diseases. To search for a rapid, sensitive, portable and low-cost method detecting this pathogen, we developed a... The content of this RSS Feed (c) The Royal Society of Chemistry
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Publication date: Available online 7 April 2020Source: Journal of BiotechnologyAuthor(s): Yu Zhou, Mei Zhao, Shenghu Zhou, Yunying Zhao, Guohui Li, Yu Deng
Source: Journal of Biotechnology - Category: Biotechnology Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 7 April 2020Source: Polymer TestingAuthor(s): Alexander Chubrik, Fedor Senatov, Evgeniy Kolesnikov, Polina Orlova, Maria Poponova, Tatyana Grunina, Mikhail Bartov, Kirill Nikitin, Mikhail Krivozubov, Maria Generalova, Vasily Manskikh, Vladimir Lunin, Alexander Gromov, Anna Karyagina
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Molecules, Vol. 25, Pages 1711: Composition and Biosynthesis of Scent Compounds from Sterile Flowers of an Ornamental Plant Clematis florida cv. ‘Kaiser’ Molecules doi: 10.3390/molecules25071711 Authors: Yifan Jiang Renjuan Qian Wanbo Zhang Guo Wei Xiaohua Ma Jian Zheng Tobias G. Köllner Feng Chen Clematis florida is a popular ornamental vine species known for diverse colors and shapes of its flowers but not for scent. Here we investigated the composition and biosynthesis of floral scent in ‘Kaiser’, a fragrant cultivar of C. florida that has sterile flowers. Volat...
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(American Institute of Physics) Biohybrid robots on the micrometer scale can swim through the body and deliver drugs to tumors or provide other cargo-carrying functions. To be successful, they must consist of materials that can pass through the body's immune response, swim quickly through viscous environments and penetrate tissue cells to deliver cargo. In APL Bioengineering, researchers fabricated biohybrid bacterial microswimmers by combining a genetically engineered E. coli MG1655 substrain and nanoerythrosomes, small structures made from red blood cells.
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Publication date: Available online 6 April 2020Source: Food ControlAuthor(s): Johanne Ellis-Iversen, Mette R. Gantzhorn, Birgitte Borck Høg, Alessandro Foddai, Maarten Nauta
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(S)-1-phenyl-1,2-ethanediol is an important chiral intermediate in the synthesis of liquid crystals and chiral biphosphines. (S)-carbonyl reductase II from Candida parapsilosis catalyzes the conversion of 2-hydro...
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Recombinant proteins are often engineered with an N-terminal signal peptide, which facilitates their secretion to the oxidising environment of the periplasm (gram-negative bacteria) or the culture supernatant ...
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Conclusions: Great care should be taken as to whether the underlying network model correctly captures the spreading mechanism of the outbreak in terms of spatial scale and single or multiple source outbreak.
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Roberto Pilloton Norovirus is one of the leading causes of gastroenteritis, acute vomiting, intense diarrhoea, acute pain in the stomach, high fever, headaches, and body pain. Conventional methods of detection gave us very promising results but had disadvantages such as low sensitivity, cost ineffectiveness, reduced specificity and selectivity, etc. Therefore, biosensors can be a viable alternative device which can overcome all setbacks associated with the conventional method. An electrochemical sensor based on oxidized graphitic carbon nitride (Ox-g-C3N4) modified electrochemical paper-based analytical device (ePAD) ...
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The objective of this study was to apply an in vitro bioguided approach using as a model system the mollicutes with a sample of propolis from the Brazilian native bee Melipona quadrifasciata (mandaçaia) in order to identify potential new molecules with antimicrobial activity. A crude hydroalcoholic extract was obtained and submitted to liquid-liquid partitioning with solvents of different polarities, generating four different fractions: aqueous, dichloromethane, butanol, and ethyl acetate fractions. The antimollicute activity assays served as a basis for the bioguided fractionation. The dichloromethane fraction was ...
Source: Frontiers in Microbiology - Category: Microbiology Source Type: research
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