Cardiac MRI Plus Artificial Intelligence Improves Heart Attack, Stroke Prediction

Adding artificial intelligence to cardiac MRI instantaneously and accurately measures blood flow.
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In conclusion, it remains unclear if brain-specific regional and temporal changes occur in the expression of the different APP variants during AD progression. Since APP is also found in blood cells, assessing the changes in APP mRNA expression in peripheral blood cells from AD patients has been considering an alternative. However, again the quantification of APP mRNA in peripheral blood cells has generated controversial results. Brain APP protein has been analyzed in only a few studies, probably as it is difficult to interpret the complex pattern of APP variants and fragments. We previously characterized the soluabl...
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ConclusionCREDEM-DKD is an important new tool in the evaluation of treatment interventions in the DKD population.Trial identifier, NCT02065791.
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Approaches to guiding oxygen therapy in adult intensive care patients with acute respiratory distress syndromeAcute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a very severe breathing problem with a high mortality rate (chance of dying). It has many potential causes, including viral infections such as COVID-19, and there are no specific treatments for it except for giving patients oxygen via a ventilator (artificial breathing machine) on an intensive care unit, often for long periods of time. However, large amounts of oxygen (either a high concentration of oxygen or oxygen administered for a long period of time) are known to i...
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In conclusion, sitting for prolonged periods of time without interruption is unfavorably associated with DBP and HDL cholesterol. Exercise Slows Inappropriate Growth of Blood Vessels in a Mouse Model of Macular Degeneration Excessive growth of blood vessels beneath the retina is a proximate cause of blindness in conditions such as macular degeneration. Researchers here provide evidence for physical activity to be influential in the pace at which this process of tissue...
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In recent years academic interest has grown in the study of the gut microbiome. Researchers are making inroads into understanding the considerable influence of these microbial populations over the progression of health and aging. The gut microbiome may be as influential as physical activity in these matters. The balance of microbial populations shifts unfavorably over time, for reasons that are yet to be fully mapped and understood. This leads to greater numbers of inflammatory microbes, or those that produce harmful byproducts, and fewer microbes that produce beneficial metabolites. Researchers have identified some of the...
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An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can automatically assess image quality...Read more on AuntMinnie.comRelated Reading: AI-based image reconstruction poses challenges AMVC 2020: What now for artificial intelligence? 3D fusion improves CT, MRI heart disease diagnosis AI predicts heart attack, stroke on cardiac MRI 3D printing helps unravel rare cardiac anomalies
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In conclusion, elevated brain amyloid was associated with family history and APOE ε4 allele but not with multiple other previously reported risk factors for AD. Elevated amyloid was associated with lower test performance results and increased reports of subtle recent declines in daily cognitive function. These results support the hypothesis that elevated amyloid represents an early stage in the Alzheimer's continuum. Blood Metabolites as a Marker of Frailty Frailty in older people is usually diagnosed in a sympt...
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Conclusions: These results demonstrate that TLR4/7/9 and NOD2 are involved in either promoting or attenuating hepatic IRI, and suggest a diagnostic screening of portal blood for reactivity to these PRRs might prove useful for prediction and/or therapeutic intervention in OLT patients before transplantation.
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Obesity is a serious, chronic, treatable, and global disease epidemic. Over 98 million people currently have the disease of obesity, and in a recent New England Journal of Medicine article, Harvard researchers predicted that by 2030, 50% of the population in the United States will have the disease of obesity. Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is significantly associated with obesity. While many people with obesity do not have diabetes, most people with T2D have the disease of obesity. Excess adiposity (body fat storage), which is present in obesity, contributes to many chronic diseases beyond T2D. These include high blood pressure, he...
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ConclusionThe outcome of the study confirms that DL provides the best results with the most promising extracted features. DL achieves the accuracy of 98.07% which can be used for further development of the automatic prognosis tool. The accuracy of the DL approach can further be enhanced by including the omics data for prediction of the onset of the disease.
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