U.S. health officials to start testing for coronavirus in five states

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday it will start testing for the rapidly spreading coronavirus that originated in China through its existing seasonal influenza surveillance system in five states.
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We live in unprecedented modern times experiencing how an outbreak of a particular viral disease, COVID-19, caused by SARS-CoV-2, also commonly referred to as the Coronavirus, is disrupting societies and personal lives. The virus is likely to spread to most, if not all, countries, illustrating the interconnectedness of the world. At the time of writing, Italy and Spain have become the epicenters in terms of fatalities in Europe, whereas the United States has recorded the most diagnosed cases worldwide. While many national measures to contain, suppress, mitigate, or delay the spread of the virus are being taken, there is gr...
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(Natural News) In case you didn’t know, scientific research published in the journal PLoS Pathogens back in 2010 found that ionic zinc is a powerful inhibitor of coronavirus, preventing its replication and spread. In vitro, or cellular, tests found that zinc is helpful in preventing a whole host of RNA viruses, including influenza and poliovirus....
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This study characterizes the prevalence of reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction results positive for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) among patients presenting with influenzalike illness who underwent nasopharyngeal swab testing for influenza and respiratory syncytial virus over 4 days in March 2020.
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Ajay Kohli Vinay Kohli Chitra Chhabra Kohli By CHITRA CHHABRA KOHLI MD, AJAY KOHLI MD, and VINAY KOHLI MD, MBA With a doubling time of cases estimated between 3 days within the U.S. and about 6 days globally (at the time of this writing) COVID-19 is demonstrating its terrifying virulence as it spreads across the world. What’s perhaps equally terrifying, if not more, is the absence of a known cure or treatment plan for COVID-19. While there has been a lot of attention focused on Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin, there has been debate on the scientific validity of these treatment options, either as t...
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(Forschungsverbund Berlin) Hope of new therapeutic options for suppressing seasonal influenza and avian flu: On the basis of an empty -- and therefore non-infectious -- shell of a phage virus, researchers from Berlin have developed a chemically modified phage capsid that " stifles " influenza viruses. The results are also being used for the immediate investigation of the coronavirus.
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There no firm proof that gargling prevents respiratory infections caused by coronavirus — or any virus or bacteria. But there’s also little downside.
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BOSTON (CBS) – Paige Robie says someday she will tell her son the whole world stopped when he was born. It sure feels that way. She and her husband welcomed their first child just last weekend, while awaiting her coronavirus result. “It was so overwhelming that I was just kind of numb. I wasn’t crying or getting upset but I was just like I don’t know what to say,” she recalled. After an influenza B diagnosis in January, Paige had a persistent cough. She was designated ‘COVID Unknown’ during delivery. “We thought we’re going to have the baby that night,” Paige sa...
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Four passengers have died on a cruise ship off the Pacific coast of Panama and more than 130 others aboard are suffering from influenza-like symptoms, at least two of whom have the coronavirus, the vessel's operator said on Friday.
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As new cases appear in the U.S., some — including the president — have compared it to the seasonal flu. Here’s a close look at the differences.
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On March 11 I started my day at 6 a.m. with my usual busy calendar: rounding on patients in the hospital, attending meetings, hopping on a quick conference call, then heading off to the operating room. I was energized by my morning coffee and felt great. By mid-afternoon, everything was different. I had terrible body aches, fever, sudden fatigue. It was an effort just to walk to my car, parked three blocks away. A few more hours and I was short of breath. I saw my local physician in urgent care, and within minutes she was able to rule out two of the three likely culprits: influenza and strep. Five days earlier, the Presid...
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