Dual task in healthy elderly, depressive and Alzheimer’s disease patients

Conclusion The ability to perform two tasks simultaneously appears to be impaired in patients with Alzheimer ’ s disease, and unaffected by the major depressive disorder.RESUMO Objetivo Avaliar o quanto o desempenho em dupla tarefa pode ser afetado pelo diagn óstico do transtorno depressivo maior (TDM) e pela doença de Alzheimer (DA). Métodos Estudo de corte transversal com 108 indivíduos [Saudáveis (IS) = 56, TDM = 19, DA = 33] com 60 anos ou mais, de ambos os sexos, diagnosticados com doença de Alzheimer, transtorno depressivo maior e sem diagn óstico de doenças mentais, residentes na cidade do Rio de Janeiro. O desempenho em DT foi avaliado pela velocidade média (m/s), custo da dupla tarefa (CDT) e número de animais evocados por segundo (DTanimais). ANOVA one-way foi feita para a comparação dos grupos. Além disso, foi utilizada uma regressão logística para verificar a associação entre o desempenho nas variáveis em DT e o risco de TDM e DA, controlado pela idade e escolaridade. Resultados Houve diferença significativa entre os grupos IS e DA nas variáveis em DT. O pior desempenho no CDT e no número de animais evocado s em DT aumentou o risco de DA, independentemente da idade e escolaridade (CDT, OR = 5,6, IC de 95% = 1,4-22,2, p = 0,01 e DTanimals, OR = 3,6, IC de 95% = 0,97-14,0, p = 0,05). Conclusão A capacidade de...
Source: Jornal Brasileiro de Psiquiatria - Category: Psychiatry Source Type: research

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Conclusion: ART may reduce the risk of NCIs in HIV-infected patients in general. Further research to investigate NCIs on specific antiretroviral regimens and comorbidities may provide insights regarding the long-term clinical care of these patients.
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In conclusion, Abeta42 up-regulates NMDA synaptic responses with a mechanism involving RyRs that occurs during the early stages of AD onset. This suggests that new selective modulators of RyRs may be useful for designing effective therapies to treat AD patients. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. PMID: 32246769 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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This study aims to determine whether the Characterizing AD Risk Events (CARE) index model can effectively predict conversion in individuals at high risk for AD development either in an independent aMCI population or in an rLOD population. METHODS: The CARE index model was constructed based on the event-based probabilistic framework fusion of AD biomarkers to differentiate individuals progressing to AD from cognitively stable individuals in the aMCI population (27 stable subjects, 6 progressive subjects) and rLOD population (29 stable subjects, 10 progressive subjects) during the follow-up period. RESULTS: AD diag...
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Contributors : Alexander B Niculescu ; Helen Le-NiculescuSeries Type : Expression profiling by arrayOrganism : Homo sapiensShort-memory dysfunction is a key early feature of Alzheimer Disease. Psychiatric patients may be at higher risk for memory dysfunction and subsequent Alzheimer due to the negative effects of stress and depression on the brain. We carried out longitudinal within-subject studies in male and female psychiatric patients to identify blood gene expression biomarkers that track short term memory as measured by the retention measure in the Hopkins Verbal Learning Test. These biomarkers were prioritized with a...
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ConclusionsSex hormone action on cell viability is dependent on the cellular environment. In healthy neuronal cells, sex hormones are protective against oxidative stress insults via the estrogen receptor, regardless of sex chromosome complement (XX, XY). However, in unhealthy (e.g., high oxidative stress) cells, sex hormones exacerbated oxidative stress-induced cell loss, regardless of cell type or sex chromosome complement. The non-genomic AR45 receptor, which is present in humans, mediated androgen ’s damaging effects, but it is unknown which receptor mediated estrogen’s damaging effects. These differential e...
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Artificial intelligence does wonders in healthcare. The technology helped issue the first COVID-19 warning before the WHO and CDC did so. It can slash the phenomenon of alarm fatigue. IBM’s Watson Health leverages the power of A.I. to bring drugs to the market faster. And it does so while cutting costs by over 50%. Speaking of IBM Watson, while the algorithm got its name from the company’s founder Thomas J. Watson, there’s another pop culture figure attached to that name. It’s elementary; we’re talking about none other than Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick, Dr. Watson. It seems like real-wor...
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Sex has increasingly become recognized as an important biological variable in brain disorders. Differences in the risk for both cognitive and emotional disorders by sex and gender are an increasing area of investigation. While women are at higher risk for depression and Alzheimer's disease, the causes of these differences are poorly understood and the implications for therapy not exploited in a systematic way. Advances in clinical and translational neuroscience have begun to reveal potential reasons for these sex differences.
Source: The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry - Category: Geriatrics Authors: Tags: Session 203 Source Type: research
Neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS) such as depression, apathy and agitation are common in neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's disease (AD) and its prodrome, Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). Importantly, the presence of NPS is a prognostic indicator of future decline in MCI and AD and reduces quality of life in both patients and caregivers. Pharmacological interventions for NPS in neurocognitive disorders have not been shown to be effective and moreover, often have unfavourable side effect profiles for older adults due to age-related changes in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and the presence of comorbid medical conditions.
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It is increasingly recognized that there is significant heterogeneity in phenotype and clinical trajectories in Alzheimer's disease as well as Lewy Body and Vascular dementia. Relatively common neurodegenerative disorder, Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) presents with psychiatric features. Mood disorders are common and often precede core symptoms of LBD. Patient with LBD especially early in the course of disease are at increased risk for suicide. Psychosis is one of the most debilitating symptoms of LBD as it is an independent risk factor for nursing home placements, increased caregiver distress and mortality.
Source: The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry - Category: Geriatrics Authors: Tags: Session 304 Source Type: research
Abstract Monoamine oxidases are the crucial drug target for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders like depression, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease. The enzymes catalyze the oxidative deamination of several monoamine containing neurotransmitters, i.e. serotonin (5-HT), melatonin, epinephrine, norepinephrine, phenylethylamine, benzylamine, dopamine, tyramine, etc. The oxidative reaction of monoamine oxidases results in the production of hydrogen peroxide that led to the neurodegeneration process. Therefore, the inhibition of monoamine oxidases has shown a profound effect against neurodegenerative...
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