Hancock reappointed as health and social care secretary in cabinet reshuffle

No excuse now to further delay tackling social care reform, say healthcare leaders Related items fromOnMedica Government publishes vision for future of general practice GP leader warns against 'political meddling' Scotland fights to prevent privatisation of general practice Watchdogs say health reforms are slow 'Government targets intefere with war on superbugs'
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Conclusions: MRSA prevalence in food-producing animals in the Americas was higher in pigs, without significant changes across time. PMID: 32973900 [PubMed]
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This report draws attention to molecules, rather than antibiotics, that are commonly used in agrochemicals and may be involved in developing AMR in non-clinical environments, such as soil. This report examines pesticides as mediators for the appearance of AMR, and as a route for antibiotic resistance genes and antimicrobial resistant bacteria to the anthropic environment. Available evidence suggests that the natural environment may be a key dissemination route for antibiotic-resistant genes. Understanding the interrelationship of soil, water, and pesticides is fundamental to raising awareness of the need for environmental ...
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ConclusionsThis study provided evidence of presence of a multidrug-resistantC. difficile toxinotype V in one of the municipal WWTP. The transmission of such isolate to the environment and reuse of treated wastewater by human pose a threat to human health and dissemination of antibiotic resistant bacteria which are untreatable.
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This study aimed at detecting and profiling antibiotic resistance of bacterial contaminants in vended food and the environment. Seventy antibiotic-resistant bacterial isolates were isolated from fried fish, African sausages, roasted meat, smokies, samosa, chips (potato fries), vegetable salads, and soil samples collected from Embu Town and Kangaru Market in Embu County, Kenya. The antibiotic susceptibility test, morphological and biochemical characterization, antibiosis assay, polymerase chain reaction-based detection of antibiotic resistance genes, and sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene were done. Analysis of variance on all...
Source: International Journal of Microbiology - Category: Microbiology Tags: Int J Microbiol Source Type: research
Authors: Eve A, Aliero AA, Nalubiri D, Adeyemo RO, Akinola SA, Pius T, Nabaasa S, Nabukeera S, Alkali B, Ntulume I Abstract The current upsurge in resistance to conventional antibiotics, as well as high cost of orthodox medical treatment, called for the use of medicinal plants as an alternative therapy. This research was aimed at determining the antibacterial activity of Artocarpus heterophyllus seed extracts (Jackfruit as it is locally called) in the treatment of diarrhoea. Ethanolic and hexanolic seed crude extracts of the plant were screened for antidiarrhoeal activity against bacteria isolated from clinical sam...
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The objective of the present study was to estimate the distribution of bioaerosols in the animal husbandry and its surroundings. Over 2 fattening periods with different animal ages and weights, the main emphasis was put on the total concentrations of mesophilic bacteria andStaphylococcus spp., especially the speciesS. aureus. The bioaerosols were sucked in with an AGI-30 Impinger, and nasal and neck skinfold swab samples were collected supplementary from randomly selected pigs. From the first series of measurements, the total concentration of mesophilic bacteria was 6.2  × 105 cfu/m3 and dropped to...
Source: Aerobiologia - Category: Environmental Health Source Type: research
We describe a case of an otherwise healthy, community-dwelling man who presented with subacute cavitary lung disease, the causative organism of which turned out to be Burkholderia cepacia complex.  Our report is accompanied by a review of the literature, which identified an additional eleven cases in the same category.  We analyze all of the available cases for the emergence of any identifiable patterns or peculiarities. PMID: 32959626 [PubMed - in process]
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(Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute) For the first time, researchers have discovered how antibiotic resistance genes are spreading, at a continental scale, via bacterial plasmids in the hospital superbug, Klebsiella pneumoniae. The researchers say it is critical that plasmids are included when tracking antibiotic resistance in order to have the best chance of stopping superbugs.
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Authors: Fattorini L, Creti R, Palma C, Pantosti A, Unit of Antibiotic Resistance and Special Pathogens, Unit of Antibiotic Resistance and Special Pathogens of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome Abstract Current literature shows that secondary bacterial infections, although less frequent than in previous influenza pandemics, affect COVID-19 patients. Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, Legionella pneumophila, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus and Klebsiella spp. are the main species isolated. Of note, Mycobacterium tuberculosis-COVID-19 coinfections are al...
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Overkill: When Modern Medicine Goes Too Far by Paul Offit M.D.I am admittedly a huge fanboy of Paul Offit, an infectious disease guru at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, one of the preeminent pediatric hospitals in the world. His latest bookOverall: When Modern Medicine Goes Too Far, is a collection of medical facts that are already known to the well-read individual, but fly in the face of wrongly-held, out-dated, commonly-believed medical concepts. The majority of the incorrect information was previously considered the standard of care, but newer and better science and studies have clearly demonstrated ...
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