Renal Tuberculosis: The Masquerader.

Renal Tuberculosis: The Masquerader. Acta Med Indones. 2019 Oct;51(4):353-355 Authors: Supriyadi R, Darmawan G, Pranggono EH Abstract Tuberculosis (TB) remains a worldwide scourge and the most common cause of mortality from infectious disease. Around 95% of cases occur in developing country. Renal TB is a rare cases that complicates 3-4% of pulmonary TB patients and commonly overlooked in clinical practice due to its symptoms may mimic other diseases.A-39-year-old man was admitted to our institution due to flank pain. He had history of low grade fever and oligouria since 5 months prior. He had no complaint of cough, dyspnea, or night sweat. He was a non smoker and had no past medical history of tuberculosis. Previous 4 months abdominal ultrasound showed left pelvocaliectasis and ureteral dilatation with suspicion of left ureteral stenosis. Ureterolithiasis could not be excluded. No prostate enlargement or vesicolithiasis was seen. Intravenous pyelography (IVP) examination demonstrated similar finding. Initial laboratory blood examination showed anemia (10.7 g/dl), leukocytosis (14,080/ul), increased in serum creatinin (4.2 mg/dl), ureum (227 mg/dl), and calcium (6.78 mg/dl). Serology examinations were negative for HIV, HBsAg, anti HCV and blood culture had no growth. Urinary examination revealed severe leucocyturia, hematuria, and negative for bacteria, nitrite and cast. Urine culture was positive for Candida glabrata. Pulmonary X-ray suggested right pleu...
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Jeffrey A. SingerBack in November the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a “breakthrough” in its investigation into the cause of what is now called EVALI (e‑cigarette vaping associated lung injury): fluid samples from patients revealed the overwhelming majority of cases were due to Vitamin E acetate, used as the solvent in THC ‐​containing vaping liquids. I argued that this discovery provided yet another reason to legalize cannabis.Because cannabis is federally banned, most THC vapers use bootleg cartridges obtained on the black market. Shortly after the discovery that inhaling...
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