Implementation of Legionella Prevention Policy in Health Care Facilities: The United States Veterans Health Administration Experience

Discussion: Guidance and standards documents in the community for Legionella prevention in building water systems are often general in nature, but implementation requires specific decisions and routine assessments and modifications to optimize outcomes. This real-world review of challenges and lessons from a large health care system with a detailed primary Legionella prevention policy informs future development of guidance and policy, both within and external to VA, and can provide insight to other health care facilities planning to implement practices for water safety.
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If buildings have not had water flowing through them during the lockdowns, there could be a risk of getting Legionnaires' disease ​.
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We set out to investigate the interference factors that led to false-positive novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) IgM detection results using gold immunochromatography assay (GICA) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and the corresponding solutions. GICA and ELISA were used to detect SARS-CoV-2 IgM in 86 serum samples, including 5 influenza A virus (Flu A) IgM-positive sera, 5 influenza B virus (Flu B) IgM-positive sera, 5 Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgM-positive sera, 5 Legionella pneumophila IgM-positive sera, 6 sera of HIV infection patients, 36 rheumatoid factor IgM (RF-IgM)-positive ...
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BOSTON (CBS) — The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is warning that reduced water use in empty office buildings can increase the risk of mold and the bacteria that causes Legionnaire’s disease. The department posted this warning on its webpage today: “The temporary shutdown or reduced operation of a building and reductions in normal water use can create hazards for returning occupants; these hazards can include mold and Legionella. After a prolonged shutdown, building owners and employers should ensure that their building does not have mold and that the water system is safe to use to minimize the...
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Stagnant plumbing systems in emptied commercial buildings could put returning employees at risk of Legionnaire ’s and other illnesses.
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Legionella pneumophila (L.pneumophila), a Gram-negative small microorganism, causes hospital-acquired pneumonia especially in immunocompromised patients. Vaccination may be an effective method for preventing
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Synthesis of Stable NAD+ Mimics as Inhibitors for the Legionella pneumophila Phosphoribosyl Ubiquitinating Enzyme SdeC. Chembiochem. 2020 May 18;: Authors: van der Heden van Noort G, Madern JM, Kim RQ, Misra M, Dikic I, Zhang Y, Ovaa H, Codee JDC, Filippov DV Abstract Stable NAD +  analogues carrying single atom substitutions in either the furanose ring or the nicotinamide part have proven their value as inhibitors for NAD +  consuming enzymes. To investigate the potential of such compounds to inhibit the adenosine diphosphate ribosyl (ADPr) transferase activity of the Legione...
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Abstract Persistence and replication of the gram-negative bacterium Legionella pneumophila in the human host cell depend on so-called effector proteins that target diverse cellular functions and modulate them in favor of the pathogen. We solved the crystal structure of the L. pneumophila effector protein MesI de novo to a resolution of 2.2 Å. The 34 kDa polypeptide chain folds into two distinct α-helical domains. The larger C-terminal domain shows similarity to tetratricopeptide repeat proteins. Using size-exclusion chromatography, we confirmed that MesI binds tightly to full-length SidI...
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The transfer of a phosphate from ATP to a protein substrate, a modification known as protein phosphorylation, is catalyzed by protein kinases. Protein kinases play a crucial role in virtually every cellular activity. Recent studies of atypical protein kinases have highlighted the structural similarity of the kinase superfamily despite notable differences in primary amino acid sequence. Here, using a bioinformatics screen, we searched for putative protein kinases in the intracellular bacterial pathogen Legionella pneumophila and identified the type 4 secretion system effector Lpg2603 as a remote member of the protein kinase...
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Conclusions: Although the overall seasonality in LD is heavily influenced by CALD, seasonal differences are more pronounced for TALD which may reflect travel behavior. The bimodal pattern of TALD is attributable to the curve among those aged 60+ and may reflect their preference to travel outside school holiday periods. Heightened vigilance for HCA cases is necessary throughout the entire year.
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Authors: Kawashima A, Katagiri D, Kondo I, Sakamoto E, Suzuki M, Arai Y, Sato F, Tada M, Hinoshita F Abstract We herein report a case of fulminant Legionnaires' disease with autopsy findings in a patient on maintenance hemodialysis (HD). Chronic kidney disease is a strong risk factor for Legionnaires' disease, although there have been only a few reports in HD patients. Because most patients on HD are anuric, the use of rapid assay kits to detect antigens in urine samples for the diagnosis of Legionnaires' disease is not always feasible. We suggest the use of clinical predictive tools or the loop-mediated isothermal...
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