Cancers, Vol. 12, Pages 397: Predictors of Postoperative Seizure Outcome in Low Grade Glioma: From Volumetric Analysis to Molecular Stratification

This study confirms the role of EOR and tumor growing pattern on postoperative seizure outcome independently from the molecular class. Higher ΔT2T1 MRI index, representing the infiltrative component of the tumor, is associated with worse seizure outcome and strengthens the evidence of common pathogenic mechanisms underlying tumor growth and postoperative seizure outcome.
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Authors: Burnstock G Abstract ATP is a cotransmitter with glutamate, noradrenaline, GABA, acetylcholine and dopamine in the brain. There is a widespread presence of both adenosine (P1) and P2 nucleotide receptors in the brain on both neurons and glial cells. Adenosine receptors play a major role in presynaptic neuromodulation, while P2X ionotropic receptors are involved in fast synaptic transmission and synaptic plasticity. P2Y G protein-coupled receptors are largely involved in presynaptic activities, as well as mediating long-term (trophic) signalling in cell proliferation, differentiation and death during develo...
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ConclusionStructured TRE education is feasible in patients with gliomas and their caregivers and may be effective in reducing distress. Further prospective studies are warranted to assess effects on hospitalizations, cost, and QOL.
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(Baylor College of Medicine) Scientists discovered that glioma, a lethal form of brain cancer, alters the activity of neighboring neurons, accelerating a vicious cycle that drives tumor-associated epilepsy and tumor progression.
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Abstract Brain tumors, particularly high-grade glioblastomas, are a crucial public health issue due to poor prognosis and an extremely low survival rate. The glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) grows rapidly within its unique microenvironment that is characterized by active neural communications. Therefore, diverse neurotransmitters not only maintain normal brain functions but also influence glioma progression. To fully appreciate the relationship between neurotransmitters and glioma progression, we reviewed potential neurotransmitter contributors in human GBM and the much less aggressive Low-grade glioma (LGG) by combi...
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ConclusionsThe current work will provide a framework and assurance for the diagnosis and treatment strategy of GRE to reduce complications and costs caused by unnecessary treatment. Additionally, it can serve as a reference for all professionals involved in the management of patients with GRE.
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Alcyone Lifesciences is a medical technology company based out of Lowell, MA, which specializes in central nervous system (CNS) drug delivery platforms for targeted infusions of the brain or spinal cord. Their Thecaflex DRx System was recently awarde...
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Gui-Jiang Wei1,2, Ming-Qing Yuan1, Li-He Jiang1, Yu-Lan Lu3, Chun-Hong Liu3, Hong-Cheng Luo3, Hua-Tuo Huang3, Zong-Quan Qi1* and Ye-Sheng Wei1,2* 1Department of Cell Biology, Medical College of Guangxi University, Nanning, China 2Department of Medical Laboratory, Affiliated Hospital of Guilin Medical University, Guilin, China 3Department of Medical Laboratory, Affiliated Hospital of Youjiang Medical University for Nationalities, Baise, China miRNAs are small non-coding RNAs modulating gene expression, and variants in miRNA genes are involved in the pathogenesis of ischemic stroke (IS). However, the effect of mi...
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Cancers, Vol. 11, Pages 525: Transient Receptor Potential Mucolipin-1 Channels in Glioblastoma: Role in Patient’s Survival Cancers doi: 10.3390/cancers11040525 Authors: Maria Beatrice Morelli Consuelo Amantini Daniele Tomassoni Massimo Nabissi Antonella Arcella Giorgio Santoni A link between mucolipin channels and tumors has been recently suggested. Herein, we aim to investigate the transient receptor potential mucolipin (TRPML)-1 relevance in glioblastoma. The expression of this channel was evaluated via qRT-PCR and immunohistochemistry in biopsies from 66 glioblastoma patients and two human gliobl...
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This study had a retrospective multicenter (two hospitals in China) design and a radiomic analysis was performed using contrast enhanced CT in advanced HGSOC (FIGO stage III or IV) patients. We used a minimum 18-month follow-up period for all patients (median 38.8 months, range 18.8–81.8 months). All patients were divided into three cohorts according to the timing of their surgery and hospital stay: training cohort (TC) and internal validation cohort (IVC) were from one hospital, and independent external validation cohort (IEVC) was from another hospital. A total of 620 3-D radiomic features were extracted and a Lass...
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Anti-leucine-rich glioma-inactivated 1 limbic encephalitis (LGI1-LE) is one of the clinical syndromes associated with antibodies to voltage-gated potassium channels (VGKCs) [1]. In addition to the common LE symptoms such as cognitive impairment, psychiatric disturbances and seizures, patients with LGI1-LE manifest hyponatremia, and faciobrachial dystonic seizures (FBDS) in about 50% of cases. MRI abnormalities usually involve the medial temporal lobe and basal ganglia. LE typically affects middle-aged patients with a 2:1 male to female ratio and is rarely associated with cancer [1].
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