Sheep know the grass isn ’ t always greener when it comes to their health

Sheep appear to forage and avoid parasites differently depending on how healthy they are, according to new University of Bristol research published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The study, which used remote GPS sensing data to monitor the foraging patterns of sheep, revealed less healthy animals chose to avoid high-quality vegetation due to a higher prevalence of ticks.
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We present a case of a previously healthy 60-year-old woman who developed an illness strongly suggestive of ATBF after a missionary trip to Zimbabwe and discuss the disease's diagnostic challenges. Our paper also reviews the epidemiology of this disease and the currently available diagnostic laboratory tests and recommended treatment options. PMID: 32226336 [PubMed - in process]
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In this study, we analysed the effect of glutamine analogues on the parasite life cycle. Here, we show that glutamine analogues impair cell proliferation, the developmental cycle during the infection of mammalian host cells and metacyclogenesis. Taken together, these results show that glutamine is an important metabolite for T. cruzi survival and suggest that glutamine analogues can be used as scaffolds for the development of new trypanocidal drugs. These data also reinforce the supposition that glutamine metabolism is an unexplored possible therapeutic target.
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Publication date: Available online 31 March 2020Source: Zoologischer AnzeigerAuthor(s): Aïssatou Bâ, Bernard Marchand, Papa Ibnou Ndiaye, Cheikh Tidiane Bâ, Abdoulaye J.S. Bakhoum, Rodney Alan Bray, Yann Quilichini
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(University of Helsinki) A precise statistical analysis reveals that on the Å land Islands a powdery mildew fungus that is a common parasite of the ribwort plantain primarily spreads via roadsides because traffic raises the spores found on roadsides efficiently into the air.
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Publication date: Available online 31 March 2020Source: Fish &Shellfish ImmunologyAuthor(s): Xia Liu, Yongyao Yu, Dacheng Qin, Zixi Song, Zhenyu Huang, Kaifeng Meng, Jiafeng Cao, Fangzheng Xu, Gaofeng Cheng, Wei Ji, Zhen Xu
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We report two cases of invasive amebiasis which developed a fulminant course in the immediate postoperative period after abdominal surgeries for visceral malignancies.
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AbstractIn this paper, a reconfigurable beam-scanning planar antenna is proposed in terahertz frequencies. The presented structure consists of a semi bow tie antenna surrounded by circularly arranged parasitic pieces of graphene. The performance of the proposed antenna is investigated considering three different states where a PEC ground plane and a graphene ground layer with chemical potentials 0 (mode A) and 1 (mode B) are utilized at the bottom of the substrate. The proposed antenna is designed for utilization at a specific frequency of 1.2  THz in all these three states. The achieved antenna boresight and radiatio...
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by Porntida Kobpornchai, Robin J. Flynn, Onrapak Reamtong, Nonglucksanawan Rittisoonthorn, Nathamon Kosoltanapiwat, Kobporn Boonnak, Usa Boonyuen, Sumate Ampawong, Montakan Jiratanh, Muncharee Tattiyapong, Poom AdisakwattanaTrichinella spiralis can modulate host immune responses to retain a suitable environment for its long-term survival. Incidentally, the parasite elicits regulatory effects through immunomodulatory molecule release, which can suppress host inflammation and may be used for the treatment of unrelated inflammatory diseases in someday. Here we identified and characterized a novelT.spiralis cystatin (TsCstN), ...
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“In the animal kingdom, the rule is, eat or be eaten” (ref. 1, p. 20). We will expand academic Thomas Szasz’s statement to include the fungi, because in the multifaceted interactions of fungi and nematodes, this is often a steadfast rule. Indeed, soil systems that appear inert or lifeless to...
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After being ingested by a female Anopheles mosquito during a bloodmeal on an infected host, and before they can reach the mosquito salivary glands to be transmitted to a new host, Plasmodium parasites must establish an infection of the mosquito midgut in the form of oocysts. To achieve this, they...
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