Walgreens Will Pay $7.5 Million to Settle Unlicensed-Pharmacist Claims

For over a decade, Kim Thien Le handled hundreds of thousands of prescriptions without a license, including many for highly addictive opioids like oxycodone, prosecutors in California have said.
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Suicide-related outcomes increased among young adults in the last decade. Excessive use of social media was hypothesized to contribute to this development. This longitudinal study aimed to investigate whether Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) predicts suic...
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This study aimed to identify the expression profile of circRNAs in the striatum of mice after cocaine self-administration by using circRNA microarray analysis.
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“Please call me. I need to share my personal experience with opioids. I want to contribute.” This line immediately caught my attention on opening my e-mail on a busy Monday morning. The writer was an established and successful medical professional from a regional health care facility and was awa re of my research involving the optimization of perioperative opioid prescribing. Although we had never met, his note was compelling and I wanted to hear his story. During a brief break from clinical duties in my pain medicine practice, I dialed his number.
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ConclusionThis VBM study revealed an association between reported FA tendency and a neural correlate of disinhibited eating. Future studies with bigger sample sizes are needed in order to demonstrate that FA is sufficiently different from existing conditions (e.g., BED) to warrant classification as a distinct disease phenotype.
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This article describes a successful strategic initiative to foster a partnership for researchers and health system decision-makers to promote a health system change. We identify impactful factors in a two-day integrated knowledge translation workshop bringing together practitioners, researchers, decision-makers and couples seeking services for gambling and substance use disorders. The initiative shifted awareness of decision-makers, built a network of collaborative relationships and created a consensus for action among stakeholders. This early integrated knowledge translation strategy opened up research partnership on a co...
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Most of us have never before experienced enforced self-isolation and lockdown. What can we learn from people who have voluntarily gone into isolation for prolonged periods of time? A group of people who self-isolate regularly are meditators, be it monks spending years in caves or laypersons going to silent retreats. Although there are big differences between meditation retreats and lockdowns, we can learn much from linking the two. When people begin and end meditation retreats, they often have trouble adjusting. Many experience alienation from everyday life, and some struggle with their changed role or idea of self.1 Going...
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Methamphetamine is a highly addictive central nervous system stimulant. Methamphetamine use is associated with a range of health harms, including psychosis and other mental disorders, cardiovascular and renal dysfunction, infectious disease transmission, a...
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I am a PGY 2 interested in Addictions but am relatively older in age and have student loans. Is an Addictions fellowship valuable in the future job market? Is it potentially lucrative in private practice settings over and above the standard training?
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Apology to the Young Addict byJames BrownIf you think you've had it with addiction memoirs, James Brown will change your mind completely. Brutally honest, tender, forthright, challenging, these essays lay bare the day-to-day struggle to overcome addiction and the remarkable, perhaps unearned second chances we can create for ourselves. A compelling read.View all my reviews
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