Fatigue in myotonic dystrophy type 1: a seven-year prospective study.

Fatigue in myotonic dystrophy type 1: a seven-year prospective study. Acta Myol. 2019 Dec;38(4):239-244 Authors: Peric S, Bjelica B, Bozovic I, Pesovic J, Paunic T, Banovic M, Brkusanin M, Aleksic K, Basta I, Pavicevic DS, Stojanovic VR Abstract Objectives: Cross-sectional studies reported fatigue in 50-90% of patients with myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1). The aim of this research was to assess frequency of fatigue in DM1 patients during a seven-year period. Materials and methods: Study included 64 DM1 patients at baseline (50% males, age 42 ± 12 years), and 38 after seven years. Following scales were used: Muscular Impairment Rating Scale (MIRS), Fatigue Severity Scale (FSS, score equal to or greater than 36 indicates significant fatigue), and Daytime Sleepiness Scale (DSS, score of more than six is considered significant). Results: At baseline, 54% of DM1 patients had fatigue and 46% had excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS). Ten (32%) patients with fatigue had no EDS. At the baseline, patients with fatigue were older, were more likely to had adult-onset DM1, worse MIRS and DSS compared to the patients without fatigue. After seven years, FSS score increased (34 ± 15 vs 48 14, p
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AbstractObjectiveTo investigate the possible role of serum norepinephrine (NE), leptin and 5 ‐hydroxytryptamine (5‐HT) and their correlations with sympathetic skin response located in the penis (PSSR) in primary premature ejaculation (PPE).MethodsWe compared the serum level of NE, leptin and 5 ‐HT, Intravaginal ejaculatory latency time(IELT) and The Premature Ejaculation Diagnostic Tool (PEDT) scores between 57 PPE patients and 42 healthy control men as controls, who were recruited between September 2016 and January 2019. Additionally, the amplitude and latency of PSSR were measured and compared between the two group...
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Cell Death &Disease, Published online: 18 February 2020; doi:10.1038/s41419-020-2332-4Nutritional intervention with cyanidin hinders the progression of muscular dystrophy
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ConclusionIn our study, both CR and PE prevented age-related changes in the corpus cavernosum of rats. Reducing nitrosative damage in the neurovascular structure was the main mechanism. CR and exercise restored the endothelial and smooth muscle cells in corpus cavernosum by decreasing apoptosis. The mechanism of enhancing functional response in corpus cavernosum with CR was the improvement of endothelial function via eNOS activation however it involves increases in the NO-cGMP signaling pathway by an endothelium-independent mechanism with PE. This might be a direct stimulation of smooth muscle cells by NO, which released f...
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ConclusionsButyrate is effective in promoting peristalsis, but only when the level of colonic activity is low such as under conditions of low intraluminal pressure. This suggests that it may play a significant role in patients with poor fiber intake, where there is low mechanical stimulation in the lumen.
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In Iranian traditional medicine, plants belonging to Inula genus have been used for the treatment of seizure. We decided to investigate the anticonvulsant activity of seven species from this genus to find an effective remedy for seizure with less adverse effects compared to available medicines. Aqueous and methanolic extracts of Inula britannica, Inula helenium, Inula viscidula, Inula oculus-christi, Inula aucheriana, Inula thapsoides and Inula salicina were prepared and their antiepileptic activity was investigated by maximal electroshock and pentylentetrazole tests. Diazepam was used as positive control in both tests. Tw...
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The objective of this study is to assess physical activity and predictors of physical activity in individuals with DM1.MethodsSixty-seven adults with DM1 and 39 healthy adults were recruited. Physical activity was monitored by accelerometry and assessed using the International Physical Activity Questionnaire. Age, marital status, education, apathy, cognition, fatigue, and muscle strength were assessed as predictors of physical activity in DM1.ResultsThe individuals with DM1 were on average − 187 min (p 
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This study aimed to determine temporal evolution in the findings of head impulse tests (HITs) in SCA type 6 (SCA6). We serially evaluated HITs in 12 patients with SCA6 using video-oculography for 3  months to 5 years [median = 12 months, interquartile range (IQR) = 9–50] at two university hospitals in South Korea. Patients (8/12, 67%) usually showed abnormal responses at least for one semicircular canal during video-HITs. The gains of the vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) for the ante rior canals (ACs) were larger than those for the posterior canals (PCs,p = 0.005)...
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DiscussionSetting optimized thyrotropin cutoffs for reflex testing of free thyroxine would reduce the need for this test. Clinical laboratories need to offer not only true results, but also become the cornerstone in the optimization of resources.
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DiscussionDystrophin deficiency likely disrupts Octn2 expression decreasing muscle carnitine uptake thus contributing to membranotoxic long-chain acyl-CoAs with sarcolemmal and organellar membrane oxidative injury providing a treatment rationale for early L-carnitine in DMD.
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Publication date: Available online 15 February 2020Source: Journal of Thermal BiologyAuthor(s): Boris Mravec, Miroslav TibenskyAbstractPublished data has shown that there is an unexpected, significantly increased cancer mortality and incidence in countries with low or subnormal environmental temperatures. There have been several hypotheses developed to elucidate the mechanisms behind these findings. It is well documented that cold represents a very efficient stressor that activates sympathetic nerves and increases tissue and plasma norepinephrine levels. Importantly, recently accumulated data indicate that norepinephrine c...
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