Graphene Quantum Dots: Efficient Mechanosynthesis, White-Light and Broad Linearly Excitation-Dependent Photoluminescence and Growth Inhibition on Bladder Cancer Cells

Dalton Trans., 2020, Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1039/C9DT04575A, PaperMaojun Deng, Xiaocong Cao, Lifang Guo, Hui Cao, Zhongliang Wen, Chaochao Mao, Kaimin Zuo, Xin Chen, Xiaolong Yu, Wenbing Yuan Heteroatom-doped graphene quantum dots (GQDs) have attracted considerable attention due to their potential applications in luminescent materials and biology. In this work, we developed a solvent-free gram-scale mechanochemical method for... The content of this RSS Feed (c) The Royal Society of Chemistry
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When the number of doses of BCG for high-grade non-muscle invasive bladder cancer was cut, outcomes were inferior in a randomized clinical trial.Medscape Medical News
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Recent NICE guidance says there is limited evidence for the efficacy of transurethral laser ablation for recurrent non ‐muscle invasive bladder cancer and that ‘special arrangements’ need to be in place if it is to be offered to patients. Here the authors consider the advantages and drawbacks of the treatment.
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Gallbladder cancer is the most common biliary tract cancer with poor prognosis and wide variation in incidence rates worldwide, being very high in some countries in Latin America and Asia. Treatment of type 2 diabetes with metformin causes a reduction in the incidence of cancer. Till date, there are no reports on the anti-tumor effects of metformin in gall bladder cancer. Therefore, this study evaluated the effects of metformin on the proliferation of human gallbladder adenocarcinoma cells in vitro and in vivo, as well as explored the microRNAs associated with the anti-tumor effects of metformin. Metformin inhibited the pr...
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AbstractIn the past decades, the roles of carbohydrates in living organisms and their potential use in many fields have been extensively investigated. Sialyl Lewis x (sLex), a member of body carbohydrate, is an inherent blood-type tetrasaccharide on the surface of different cells, the lymphocyte, neutrophil, some T cells, multiple tumor cells and so on. SLex is a common ligand of the three selectins, L-selectin, E-selectin and P-selectin, and plays important roles in multiple physiological phenomenas by interacting with selectins. Under normal physiological conditions, sLex can affect the immune process and fertilization p...
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ConclusionsThis is the first study testing the role of time to Re-TUR in a homogeneous population of patients with high-grade T1 BC who received complete BCG treatment. The study challenged the concept the sooner the Re-TUR the better, since time to Re-TUR did not significantly affect oncological outcomes.
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ConclusionsMost evidence regarding complex urogenital abnormalities comes from the pediatric population. Evidence regarding common, age-related urological issues is generally from the ‘normal’ adult population. As patients with complex congenital urological conditions live longer, more data will become available to assess the long-term benefits of intervention.
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Bednarski In western Africa ethnomedicine, Lannea barteri Oliv. (Anacardiaceae) is believed to have activity against gastrointestinal, neurological and endocrine diseases. Previous studies on this plant have revealed antimicrobial, anticholinestrase, anticonvulsant, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. However, the anticancer potential of L. barteri has not been studied to date. The aim of this study was to evaluate the anticancer potential of hot and cold extracts and silica gel column chromatographic fractions of L. barteri leaf and stem bark. The extracts and fractions were tested for anticancer activity b...
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ConclusionWe did not find sufficient evidence for interaction between gastric/duodenal ulcers and periodontal disease on bladder cancer risk.
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ConclusionsIn bladder cancer tumor samples, samples down-regulated by LINC01198, PPTRD-AS1, has-miR-216a, SEMA3D, EPHA5, and DCLK1 had a good overall survival prognosis, indicating that these several characteristic target molecules were found to be high-risk factors for bladder cancer tumors.
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ConclusionsCystoscopy-guided placement of hydrogel markers is both safe and feasible for muscle-invasive bladder tumors. Adequate performance for radiation purposes throughout the whole course (implantation, delineation, and positional verification) was 46.7% of all implanted markers, leaving room for improvement.
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