PRES-like presentation in MOG antibody-related demyelination (MARD)

Publication date: Available online 22 January 2020Source: Journal of Clinical NeuroscienceAuthor(s): Joel Corbett, Sandeep Bhuta, Kerri Prain, Fabienne Brilot, Arman Sabet, Simon A. BroadleyAbstractA 33-year-old male presented with a progressive four-week history of frontal headache and left visual field impairment. MRI brain confirmed bilateral, asymmetric, occipital vasogenic oedema, suggestive of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES). Serum testing for MOG antibodies was positive, confirming a diagnosis of MOG antibody-related demyelination (MARD). A similar PRES-like pattern of white matter inflammation has been reported previously in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder but has not previously been reported in MARD.
Source: Journal of Clinical Neuroscience - Category: Neuroscience Source Type: research

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The complex mechanisms underlying migraine are not entirely understood. It has been suggested that descending endogenous pain modulation is an important contributing factor, although research is controversial. A frequently used method to quantify the inhibitory pain modulation system is offset analgesia (OA), defined as a disproportionally large decrease in pain perception in response to a small decrease of painful stimulation. The aim of this study is to evaluate the OA response in patients with migraine and healthy controls, measured at the forehead (trigeminal, V1) and forearm (extratrigeminal). Patients with episodic m...
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We describe three cases of lymphoma in which lymphoma mimicked other diseases causing neurological dysfunction, specifically sarcoidosis, vasculitis and infection respectively. Case 1 was a 66-year-old man with subacute progressive diplopia and gait disturbance and investigations revealing a supratentorial para-falcine soft tissue lesion, mid-thoracic cord enhancement and right axillary mass and an elevated serum ACE. Right axillary mass core biopsy was diagnostic of Burkitt lymphoma. Case 2 was a 50-year-old man with several weeks of constitutional symptoms and development of lower limb weakness and numbness, urinary rete...
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A 40-year-old male patient was admitted to the emergency department for persistent severe headache unrelieved by paracetamol. He had no medical history but reported asthenia and weight loss (2 kg) over the previous 3 weeks. At admission, blood pressure was 120/80 mm  Hg and physical examination was unremarkable. Laboratory blood tests showed: serum creatinine 1.7 mg/dl, sodium 141 mmol/l, calcium 9.2 mg/dl, C-reactive protein 6 mg/l, leucocytes 11520/mm3, neutrophils 9230/mm3, lymphocytes 1090/mm3, and hemoglobin 13.6 g/dl.
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We report an increased burden of rare variants in one CpG island and three polycomb group response elements near four migraine risk loci. We found that the association is independent of the common risk variants in the loci. The regulatory regions are suggested to affect different genes than those originally tagged by the index SNPs of the migraine loci. Families with familial clustering of migraine have an increased burden of rare variants in regulatory regions near known migraine risk loci, with effects that are independent of the variants in the loci. The possible regulatory targets suggest different genes than those ori...
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ConclusionAseptic meningitis may be an atypical phenotype of NMOSD flare that is easily confused with specific infection. Comprehensive evaluation to exclude an infective etiology and enable accurate diagnosis and timely immunotherapy are critical to prognosis.
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Do persons with specific personality traits exhibit a better response to migraine treatment with onabotulinumtoxin A?Headache
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AbstractPurpose of ReviewThis review aims to identify perioperative patient-related factors that are associated with the development of persistent postoperative pain (PPP) in patients undergoing spine surgery.Recent FindingsTwenty-one studies published between 2000 and 2019 were included in this literature review. The following five patient-related factors were identified to be associated with the development of PPP after spine surgery: anxiety, depression, pain catastrophizing, pain sensitivity, and preoperative opioid consumption.SummaryThe existing literature suggests that the risk factors for developing chronic pain af...
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AbstractPurpose of ReviewSymptomatic lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) is a condition affecting a growing number of individuals resulting in significant disability and pain. Traditionally, treatment options have consisted of conservative measures such as physical therapy, medication management, epidural injections and percutaneous adhesiolysis, or surgery. There exists a treatment gap for patients failing conservative measures who are not candidates for surgery. Minimally invasive lumbar decompression (MILD ®) and interspinous process device (IPD) with Superion® represent minimally invasive novel treatment options that ...
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AbstractPurpose of ReviewTranscutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is widely used as a non-pharmacological approach for pain relief in a variety of clinical conditions. This manuscript aimed to review the basic mechanisms and clinical applications regarding the use of TENS for alleviating the peripheral (PNP) and central neuropathic pain (CNP).Recent FindingsBasic studies on animal models showed that TENS could alleviate pain by modulating neurotransmitters and receptors in the stimulation site and its upper levels, including the spinal cord, brainstem, and brain. Besides, many clinical studies have investigated t...
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AbstractPurpose of ReviewThe purpose of the present investigation is to provide a comprehensive review of both patient and procedure specific predictors of acute postoperative pain.Recent FindingsAs the global number of surgeries continues to increase, as well as evidence of worse patient outcomes in those who suffer from poorly controlled postoperative pain, it is becoming more critical for perioperative physicians to have a deep understanding of the risks which might lead to increased pain in the immediate postoperative settings. It is also important to recognize potential tools to prevent the development and intensity o...
Source: Current Pain and Headache Reports - Category: Neurology Source Type: research
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