Costs of Informal Caregiving in Dementia.

CONCLUSION: Regardless of the complexity in estimating the costs associated with informal caregiving in dementia, this paper provides some insights on the burden they can represent for the family income. PMID: 31962060 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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CONCLUSIONS: The utility of neuropsychology emanates from its focus on brain functioning and the discipline's appreciation for the relationship between brain functioning on cognition, mental state, and behavior. Early and routine referral for neuropsychological assessment allows for the objective determination of normal versus abnormal neurocognitive functioning, provides a baseline for serial reassessment, and leads to the more rapid deployment of effective treatments. Beyond the hospital and clinic, neuropsychological expertise is increasingly sought after as integral to the legal system when decisions regarding eligibil...
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Authors: Elahifasaee F, Li F, Yang M Abstract Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging is a widely used imaging modality for detection of brain anatomical variations caused by brain diseases such as Alzheimer's disease (AD) and mild cognitive impairment (MCI). AD considered as an irreversible neurodegenerative disorder with progressive memory impairment moreover cognitive functions, while MCI would be considered as a transitional phase amongst age-related cognitive weakening. Numerous machine learning approaches have been examined, aiming at AD computer-aided diagnosis through employing MR image analysis. Conversely, MR bra...
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Publication date: Available online 21 February 2020Source: Biocybernetics and Biomedical EngineeringAuthor(s): Ashima Khosla, Padmavati Khandnor, Trilok ChandAbstractElectroencephalogram (EEG) measures the neuronal activities in the form of electric currents that are generated due to the synchronized activity by a group of specialized pyramidal cells inside the brain. The study presents a brief comparison of various functional neuroimaging techniques, revealing the excellent neuroimaging capabilities of EEG signals such as high temporal resolution, inexpensiveness, portability and non-invasiveness as compared to the other ...
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In this study, we concentrated on the activities on cognition, using an array of validated tests. We also performed lipidomic analyses of plasma, erythrocytes, and different brain areas. We report lower emotional memory (contextual fear conditioning) in aged rats supplemented with polar lipids’ concentrates from buttermilk or krill oil at doses that approximate human consumption. No other behavioral parameter was significantly influenced by the supplements calling for further research to confirm or not the purported salubrious activities of polar lipids, namely those rich in ω3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty ...
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In this study, we further demonstrated that memantine nitrate-06 (MN-06), one of the novel compounds derived from memantine, possessed significant neuroprotective effects against glutamate-induced excitotoxicity in rat primary cerebellar granule neurons (CGNs). Pretreatment of MN-06 reversed the activation of GSK3β and the suppression of phosphorylated Akt induced by glutamate. In addition, the neuroprotective effects of MN-06 could be abolished by LY294002, the specific phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3–K) inhibitor. Furthermore, calcium imaging showed that pretreatment of MN-06 prevented calcium influx throug...
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We describe how high levels of frailty in such disorders predict worse outcomes and play a direct role in disease progression and in prognostic prediction. Overall, the potential for frailty to predict adverse health outcomes among young people as well as in non-age-related diseases is an evolving topic. Understanding how frailty contributes to poor health and how it can be modified to prevent or delay disease progression will ultimately enhance quality of life in affected individuals.
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Dementia diagnoses are "lagging behind" in Wales, and doctors say Pet scans could be the answer.
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Dear Candid Caregiver: My mom passed two years ago and my dad hasn’t done well since. Recently he had a stroke. My sister, who lives 1,000 miles away, came out for mom’s funeral, and she also visited for a few days after dad’s stroke, but she has a job and a family and couldn’t stay long. Now, dad’s been diagnosed with vascular dementia. Realistically, I’m the sole caregiver. I have two teenaged children, a husband who is, so far, supportive, and a job. I’m already beginning to feel burned out after just a few months. What can I do to help myself get through this and still take car...
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AbstractAlzheimer ’s disease (AD) is the most common cause of dementia worldwide. AD is a multifactorial disease with simultaneous occurrence of several connected pathological processes including mitochondrial dysfunction and impaired proteostasis. Most of these are also implicated in organismal aging per se. The p resence of separable pathological conditions poses the opportunity to try combination treatments that target these different processes separately. This approach may provide an effective strategy to target AD; therefore, we investigated whether a combination of metformin (targeting mitochondria and e nergy ...
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ConclusionsCustomized FreeSurfer-based brain atlas for DARTEL tool is easy to create and useful for the analysis of PET and MR images with high adaptability and reliability for broad research purposes.
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