$500 an hour not bad for a psych NP

Awaken Joy, LLC, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Fairbanks, AK, 99709 | Psychology Today Awaken Joy, LLC, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Fairbanks, AK, 99709, Thank you for your interest. Susana ("Sana") Donofry is a psychiatric nurse practitioner. She prescribes medicine for ADHD and mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and addiction. She accepts most insurance plans... www.psychologytoday.com I was looking at psych profiles in the 20 or so states that allow nurse practitioners to practice independently, it was surprising to see that $250-$300 an hour was the average rate advertised ($125-150 for a 20-30 minute follow up). Also surprising that some physicians are charging less than the average nurse practitioner and only a few charging more. What's the... $500 an hour not bad for a psych NP
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I picked upTIME Mental Health: A New Understanding a year ago in the grocery store and slowly worked my way through it. I assumed I would race through the magazine and produce a shining review for my readers to enjoy. Then ADHD happened, which is like saying,“And then I breathed”. When I say“slowly”, I refer to the speed at which glaciers raced across the North American continent. Ultimately, I finished, which is the lesson I take away from my tortoise and hare situation. I wasn’t in competition with anybody, except, perhaps, Father Time, but I must admit that I had an assist from COVID–...
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In this study, we considered the copula regression model to regress the bivariate addictions on clinical and psychological factors. Real data analysis with 555 students (age range: 14–15 years; males, N = 295; females, N = 265) from South Korean public middle schools is illustrated. By fitting the copula regression model, we investigated the dependency between internet and smartphone addiction and determined the risk factors associated with the two addictions. Furthermore, by comparing the model fits of the copula model with linear regression and generalized linear models, the best copula model was proposed in te...
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Pandemics can be indiscriminate, with viruses making no distinctions among the victims they attack and those they spare. If you’re human, you’ll do. COVID-19 has been different, particularly when it comes to age. The disease has shown a special animus for older people, with those 65-plus considered at especially high risk for hospitalization and death, and those 18 and below catching a semblance of an epidemiological break. Though a small share of adolescents have suffered severe cases, most who contract the disease in that age cohort are likelier to experience milder symptoms or none at all. But if COVID-19 is...
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Conclusions: Findings highlight the complex mental health needs of incarcerated populations, where SUD, ADHD, and other psychiatric disorders are prevalent and interrelated.Eur Addict Res
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CONCLUSIONS: These results speak against the generalizability of the negative learning bias hypothesis to depressed patients with comorbidities. This study highlights the importance of investigating unselected samples of psychiatric patients, which represent the vast majority of the psychiatric population. PMID: 32538342 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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AbstractIndigenous communities lack representation in psychiatric epidemiology despite disproportionate exposure to risk factors. We document the cumulative and 12-month prevalence of psychiatric disorders across the early life course among a sample of Indigenous young adults and compare prospective and retrospective reporting of lifetime mental disorders. This community-based participatory research includes data from 735 Indigenous people from 8 reservations/reserves. Personal interviews were conducted between 2002 –2010 and 2017–2018 totaling 9 waves; diagnostic assessments of DSM-IV-TR alcohol abuse/dependen...
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This study identified relevant psychological factors that affect excessive Internet use (EIU) and excessive smartphone use (ESU) in adolescents using structural equation modeling (SEM). A sample of 714 individuals drawn from lists of middle school students in South Korea completed self-administered questionnaires, including Young's Internet Addiction Test (Y-IAT), the Smartphone Addiction Scale (SAS), and various clinical and psychological scales measuring depression, anxiety, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), aggression, expression of anger, and the behavioral inhibition system (BIS)/activation system (BAS)...
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Abstract All large population-based administrative studies currently indicate a significant comorbidity of adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with addictive, anxiety and in particular affective disorders. In these investigations the risk for one of these comorbid disorders increased with increasing age of the ADHD patients. The most recent genome-wide association and correlation studies also revealed indications for joint genetic risk factors of ADHD with, in particular unipolar depression, bipolar disorder, autism spectrum disorders, Tourette's syndrome and to a lesser extent schizophrenia...
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DiscussionAll cases were females with long-standing B/P type AN, often with multiple purging behaviors, other impulsive and non-impulsive comorbidities, and many environmental vulnerabilities. Different motivations were found for these extreme behaviors in addition to ED-related factors, mostly not related to suicide. The severity of the medical and psychological condition required multimodal medical and psychological inpatient interventions. The patients mostly did not comply with their treatment, showing considerable indifference to their grave medical condition.
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Across the landscape of mental health research and diagnosis, there is a diverse range of questionnaires and interviews available for use by clinicians and researchers to determine patient treatment plans or investigate internal and external etiologies. Although individually, these tools have each been assessed for their validity and reliability, there is little research examining the consistency between them in terms of what symptoms they assess, and how they assess those symptoms. Here, we provide an analysis of 126 different questionnaires and interviews commonly used to diagnose and screen for 10 different disorder typ...
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