Descemet Membrane Detachment

Descemet membrane detachment (DMD) is a potential vision-threatening complication that occurs most commonly after cataract surgery. DMD has also been reported to occur in various other surgeries like keratoplasty, iridectomy, vitrectomy, trabeculectomy, holmium laser sclerostomy, alkali burn, and viscocanalostomy. Major risk factors include advanced age, preexisting endothelial diseases like Fuchs dystrophy or abnormality in the Descemet membrane and stromal interface, hard cataract, prolonged surgical time, ragged clear corneal incisions, and inadvertent trauma with blunt instruments or phacoemulsification probe.
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CONCLUSIONS: The authors' findings showed that, irrespective of the direction of tape application, the elastic tape applied over the triceps surae does not generate any significant alteration on the excitability of the reflex pathway for different subpopulations of motor units. The authors therefore suggest a re-examination of the current recommendations on taping direction in clinical and sports activities. PMID: 32087597 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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The objective of this work was to study hydrogel dressings containing AgNPs from silver nitrate, synthesized by radiation involving the formation of silver nanoparticles with simultaneous occurrence of crosslinking and sterilization of the polymer systems. One of the hydrogels was prepared with poly(N-vinyl-2- pyrrolidone) (PVP) and the other with poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) as main studied polymers. An aqueous solution of AgNO3 was added to both polymer systems separately. The AgNPs synthesis, polymer crosslinking and dressing sterilization were achieved simultaneously by irradiating the resultant solutions with gamma-rays ...
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CONCLUSION: Veterans with dizziness symptoms use compensatory saccades in all planes of semicircular canal rotation, despite having normal peripheral VOR gain during rapid head rotation. The video head impulse test is a stable measure of vestibular slow phase and metrics of compensatory saccades in veterans with dizziness. PMID: 32083608 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Authors: Monsanto RDC, Kasemodel ALP, Tomaz A, Abrahão Elias TG, Paparella MM, de Oliveira Penido N Abstract BACKGROUND: Evidence to support potential links between chronic otitis media (COM) and vestibular impairment/postural balance control issues is lacking. OBJECTIVE: To investigate whether COM associates with vestibular symptoms, balance problems, and abnormalities in vestibular function tests. METHODS: We selected patients with COM and excluded patients with any identifiable underlying causes for vestibular dysfunction. Fifty-two healthy volunteers were included as controls. All subjects underw...
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When they say that kids need an outlet, this is not what typically is meant.
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I warned y'all that Leviticus is generally quite boring. We're now about to do chapter 5 and it's still specifying the rules for sacrifice. (We do get a first mention of " uncleanness, " which will be a big subject soon.) So I got to wondering; why do they have this idea that God wants them to burn parts of animals? I did a little research -- okay, I read the Wikipedia article.It turns out that animal sacrifice was very widespread in ancient Europe and the Near East -- basically the Mediterranean region cultures that are the focus of the history most of us are taught. The idea was apparently tempting enough to pe...
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Exploring unusual subjects, from autopsies to the minutiae of long-haul truckingMortem |BBC SoundsOver the Road |radiotopia.fmThe Space Programme |funkidslive.comAn intriguing new series on BBC Sounds, made by the always reliable Whistledown Productions, has a mortician,Carla Valentine, talk us through her job. But this show isn ’t just about cutting and shutting. Valentine also introduces us to other non-police experts performing seemingly small procedures when confronted with a suspicious death. For instance: a man is found burned to death in a wood. Was it suicide or murder? What can the body reveal? What about th...
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Publication date: June 2020Source: Parasitology International, Volume 76Author(s): A.C. Campello, L.G.F.A.B.D.E. Zanella, R.B. Suzuki, M.O. Tokumo, E.F.B. Chagas, W. Baleotti, M.A. Sperança, L.P.A. MartinsAbstractTrypanosoma cruzi infection triggers an intense production of pro-inflammatory cytokines mediated by T helper 1 lymphocytes, inducing the anti-inflammatory reflex of acetylcholine (ACh). The ACh concentration modulation is associated to the two major esterases, the acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and butyrylcholinesterase (BuChE). AChE H353N protein polymorphism is related to low Chagas chronic disease prognost...
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Light-Induced Pupillary Responses in Alzheimer's Disease Pratik S. Chougule1, Raymond P. Najjar1,2, Maxwell T. Finkelstein1, Nagaendran Kandiah3,4 and Dan Milea1,2,5* 1Department of Visual Neurosciences, Singapore Eye Research Institute, Singapore, Singapore 2The Ophthalmology &Visual Sciences ACP, Duke-National University of Singapore (NUS) Medical School, Singapore, Singapore 3Department of Neurology, National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore, Singapore 4Duke-National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore, Singapore 5Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore, Singapore The impact of Alzheimer&...
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