Meds2Go Express Pharmacy, Inc. Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering in Connection with Drug Diversion Scheme

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“Please call me. I need to share my personal experience with opioids. I want to contribute.” This line immediately caught my attention on opening my e-mail on a busy Monday morning. The writer was an established and successful medical professional from a regional health care facility and was awa re of my research involving the optimization of perioperative opioid prescribing. Although we had never met, his note was compelling and I wanted to hear his story. During a brief break from clinical duties in my pain medicine practice, I dialed his number.
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  Cannabis, weed, marijuana, pot. It goes by several names, but we all know what it smells like. As weed becomes more mainstream, we on the Not Crazy podcast want to know: Is marijuana really an effective treatment for anxiety? Is it just a coping mechanism? Or a vice? In today’s podcast, Gabe and Jackie look at the research and weigh out the evidence. They also interview Eileen Davidson, a rheumatoid arthritis patient who regularly uses marijuana as a medicine to see what she has to say. What’s your take? Tune in for an open-minded discussion about weed. (Transcript Available Below) SUBSCRIBE &REV...
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The opioid epidemic has had far reaching consequences for bariatric surgeons. We have had an awakening and have collectively realized that our sub-specialty has to do a better job at protecting our patients from this destructive addiction process. In a study of nine hospital systems in the US, 4.0% of patients who were not chronic opioid users prior to bariatric surgery converted to chronic use after surgery.1 Another similar study indicated that 77% of bariatric surgical patients who were on chronic pain medicines prior to surgery, not only remained on opioid therapy post surgically , but collectively increased their over...
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The overprescribing of opioid pain relievers (OPR) has led to a significant increase in opioid addiction and overdose. A cornerstone of combating the opioid epidemic is the development of peri-operative evidence based guidelines to standardize OPR prescribing practices and of opioid sparing Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols. ERAS has been found to reduce the volume of OPR prescribed while improving outcomes and overall patient satisfaction in adult gynecologic and multiple pediatric surgical specialties.
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While some people who’ve become addicted to alcohol and drugs have to hit rock bottom before they’re ready to accept treatment, most realize or can be convinced of the need to get professional help long before such a calamitous event. As for the timing, knowing when you are ready for treatment, it’s different for everyone. It may help to know some of the common signs you’re ready to take the crucial next step.  You’ve Had Enough — And So Has Everyone Else The list of addictive behaviors is long and varied, including problem drinking and alcohol abuse that descends into alcohol use d...
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Having trouble viewing this email? View it as a Web page. NIDCR's Spring 2020 E-Newsletter In this issue: NIDCR News Funding Opportunities NIH/HHS News Funding Notices Science Advances Subscribe to NICDR News Grantee News   NIDCR News CDC’s COVID-19 Guidance for Dental Settings  Dental health care personnel can find COVID-19-related information on the CDC’s Division of Oral Health website, which offers guidance and resources for clinics and health care facilities and recommen...
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(University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine&Dentistry) A pair of new studies led by University of Alberta pediatricians indicate that parents are more reluctant to have opioids prescribed for their children than doctors are to prescribe them.
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In the wake of losing someone to suicide, there is much pain and confusion, to say the least. I want to list these five simple truths right up front for those who may need to hear them right away: It isn’t your fault. Do not be ashamed. Your grief is complicated. Healing is possible. You still have life. 1. It isn’t your fault. Losing someone to suicide can often fill us with very specific emotions: Guilt. Regret. Blame. But it is important to talk back to these feelings. It is important to realize and understand that you simply cannot carry the weight of someone else’s decision. Suicide is a very...
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Don’t let these expectations ruin what you have. When we’re falling in love, we all have expectations and relationship goals. Do you remember that falling in love feeling when hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin get flooded in your body and you feel like you’re walking on air and it feels amazing? This feeling is so consuming and feels like it will last forever. 9 Steps to Setting and Reaching Relationship Goals As a teenager, I expected that feeling of being in love to last a lifetime. When the reality of relationships and everyday life started to set in, I thought my husband didn’t lo...
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Three years ago, on March 24, 2017, the mental health community lost a wonderful advocate and inspiring individual who created and started Project Semicolon. The project connected people in the mental health community where the organization encouraged others to remember that you have the power to continue your story, even when you think it is over, just like in a sentence. I was inspired by Amy’s project, like many others were, to get a semicolon tattoo to remember that no matter what struggles life brings my way, I have the opportunity to inspire and help others, while I continue my own life story. Amy’s lega...
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