Burden of the typhoid fever and cholera: similarities and differences. Prevention strategies for international travelers to endemic/epidemic areas.

The burden of diarrheal diseases is very high, accounting for 1.7 to 5 billion cases per year worldwide. Typhoid Fever (TF) and Cholerare potentially life-threatening infectious diseases mainly transmitted through the consumption of food, drink or water that have been contaminated by the feces or urine of subjects excreting the pathogen. TF is mainly caused bySalmonella typhi whereas Cholera is caused by intestinal infection by the toxin-producing bacteriumVibrio cholerae.These diseases typically affect low- and middle-income countries where housing is overcrowded and water and sanitation are poor, or where conflicts or natural disasters have led to the collapse of the water, sanitation and healthcare systems. The mortality rate is higher in children under 5 years. Regarding their geographical distribution, TF has a high incidence in sub-Saharan Africa, India and south-east Asia, while cholera has a high incidence in a few African countries, particularly in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian peninsula.In the fight against these diseases, preventive measures are fundamental.With modern air travel, transmissible diseases can spread across continents and oceans in a few days, constituting a threat to global public health. Nowadays, people travel for different reasons such as tourism and business. Several surveys have shown that a high proportion of travellers lack adequate information on safety issues, such as timely vaccination and prophylactic medications. The main objective o...
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Recently, the White House unveiled its ambitious plan to develop a coronavirus vaccine before year ’s end. While many immediately questioned the feasibility of this timeline, we worry that not enough attention has gone to a different but equally important concern: Once we have a vaccine that works, who around the world will actually get to use […]Find jobs at  Careers by KevinMD.com.  Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now.  Learn more.
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Africa has so far been spared the worst impact of the coronavirus, but the World Health Organization is worried the continent could face a "silent epidemic" if its leaders do not prioritize testing for it, a WHO envoy said on Monday.
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Mink with the coronavirus have infected two people in the Netherlands in what are probably the first such cases of transmission during the epidemic, government and health authorities said on Monday.
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Deaths from the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy climbed by 92 on Monday, against 50 the day before, the Civil Protection Agency said, while the daily tally of new cases dropped to just 300 from 531 on Sunday.
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[UCT] Researchers from the South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (SATVI) at the University of Cape Town (UCT), the Center for Global Infectious Disease Research - Seattle in the United States, and a large consortium of collaborators have developed a validated a new, simple blood-based test that has the potential to serve multiple functions in the fight against TB.
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A researcher leading Thailand's push to manufacture a coronavirus vaccine says its aim is to make it cost-effective and accessible to Southeast Asia, and play a part in preventing a supply shortage globally.
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The global novel coronavirus pandemic afflicting everyone is showing mixed signs of activity. In some countries it appears to be easing, while in others it appears to be experiencing a resurgence. It’s not at all clear when the pandemic will end, but it’s unlikely to do so before 2021. What has become increasingly clear is that the toll of the pandemic will impact more than the people who come down with COVID-19. The mental health impact of living with a pandemic is being mostly ignored — for now. But as the deaths continue to rise, we need to pay close attention to the cost of the pandemic’s reperc...
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Let us help you appreciate exactly how much work must go into producing a new vaccine — and how much faster than usual it's going now.
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Vaccine efforts have seen biotech’s valuation skyrocket, despite having no products on the market
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(Natural News) The Moderna vaccine company that’s attempting to use the mRNA technology platform to rapidly create a coronavirus vaccine has been widely accused of a pump-and-dump stock scheme involving the pumping of company stocks with widely-touted press releases that claim positive outcomes for phase 1 vaccine trials. But buried in Moderna’s own press release...
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