Assumptions and conceptual contributions to improve the global assistive performance of actual wheelchairs, in order to enhance the users' autonomy and quality of life.

Discussion: The wheelchair particularities that we pursue, and which are distinguished from the other models, is the fact that the wheelchair is powered, pliable and allows verticalization, hopefully at a price comparable or even lower than the current state of the art models (but none of them succeeded by now to fulfil all this three basic functions on a single "all in one" such device). Hence, if our optimized prototype will achieve technical and clinical validation, this will result in a significant enhancement of autonomy and QoL for the users. PMID: 31803294 [PubMed]
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Specialist reserchers detect brain damage in patients with cervical hernias by using neuroimage and artificial intelligence techniques
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According to this study, the loaded particles can potentially serve as a suitable candidate for spinal cord repair, functional recovery and axonal regeneration.Graphical abstract
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Traumatic spinal injury includes injury to the spinal cord, nerve roots, osseous structures, and ligamentous structures of the spinal column. Although relatively rare, traumatic spinal injury is of particular concern because of the potential for significant adverse impact and life-long disability [1,2]. Despite its potential to cause severe disability or death, basic epidemiological information about the global burden of traumatic spinal injury remains limited [3]. Specific data on traumatic spinal injury in pediatric populations is particularly scarce, especially outside of the United States [4-6].
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AbstractSpinal cord injury (SCI) causes temporary disabilities or permanent effects including neuropathic pain and spastiscity. The damage often results frommechanical trauma, which in turn triggers the neuroinflammatory process. Neuroinflammation plays essential roles in the structural, biochemical, and cellular changes that take place in the spinal cord after the injury. Indeed, SCI activates many different signaling pathways that coordinate the resulting cellular responses. While neuroinflammation serves as a physiological reaction to harmful stimuli, it is clear that long-lasting inflammatory response leads to aggravat...
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Conclusions: Falls have a significant psychosocial impact for some, but not all participants. Clinicians should explore whether and to what extent falls/fall risk have a lasting psychosocial impact, and work with individuals to create strategies that may reduce negative psychosocial impacts.IMPLICATIONS FOR REHABILITATIONThis study highlighted that falls can have a significant psychosocial impact on the lives of some wheelchair users with spinal cord injury.Since a wheelchair user's concern of falls may change overtime, clinicians are encouraged to have ongoing dialogue about every wheelchair user's level of concern about ...
Source: Disability and Rehabilitation - Category: Rehabilitation Authors: Tags: Disabil Rehabil Source Type: research
Authors: Sunna T, Elias E, Summaka M, Zein H, Elias C, Nasser Z Abstract BACKGROUND: Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a permanent disability which negatively affects individuals' health and particularly their quality of life. OBJECTIVE: To assess the quality of life (QoL) among Lebanese men with spinal cord injury and to compare it to a healthy control group. METHODS: A case control study was conducted. Fifty-one Lebanese patients with spinal cord injury and 51 age- sex-matched healthy persons were included in the study. RESULTS: Compared to healthy controls, the mean scores of eight domains of SF-36 were si...
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Neck injuries are relatively uncommon but have the potential to cause serious and permanent disability. In athletes, injuries are most common in contact sports, and occur with direct axial loading with a forward-flexed neck. Soft tissue and peripheral nerve injuries are typically minor and self-limiting, with excellent recovery potential and return to activities based on symptoms. Concern for devastating spinal cord injuries has led to routine immobilization using spine boards and hard cervical collars. This approach may provide more harm than benefit when applied universally, and a more commonsense protocol can be used to...
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Conclusion: The analysis and discussion resulted in a theoretical frame that presents the notions of humanist and posthumanist enwheelment as two directions of a continuum. The paper offers a useful tool for understanding and addressing enwheelment plus other cyborgification processes. We advocate for its acceptance into the disability studies and rehabilitation practice repertoire.IMPLICATIONS FOR REHABILITATIONEnwheelment -the process of becoming one with the wheelchair - is relevant to people after SCI (or other impairments).The notions of humanist and posthumanist enwheelment are developed and presented as two ends of ...
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Conclusions This article highlights the important issues about the sEMG control method and accentuates the weaknesses associated with this type of control to assist researchers in overcoming problems that impede sEMG-controlled robotic devices to be feasible and practical tools for people afflicted with hand impairment.
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Conclusion: Ecological momentary assessment can capture the dynamic nature of neuropathic pain experienced by persons with spinal cord injury. However, caution should be taken when designing intensive pain-related protocols to minimize pain exacerbation.IMPLICATIONS FOR REHABILITATIONNeuropathic pain affects up to 75% of people with spinal cord injury and is one of the most frequently occurring, debilitating forms of pain.Appropriate and feasible pain data collection methods are necessary to acquire a better understanding of how neuropathic pain manifests in people with spinal cord injury.Implementing ecological momentary ...
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