Treating Fingertip Amputations

​Fingertip injuries and amputations are common in the emergency department, often occurring on weekends when consultants are not available. Some experienced physicians may consider rongeuring distal tuft amputation injuries, but simple closure and expert consultation for more difficult cases are suggested.A fingertip amputation within zone III involving total amputation of the distal tip, fingernail, matrix, and tuft. Photos by M. Roberts.Care of fingertip amputations in the ED should focus on removing debris and cleaning the wound as best as possible, closing the wound using available skin, bandaging and splinting for comfort, and considering the patient's risk for infection (antibiotics, tetanus update, etc.). It is also vital to control bleeding and provide pain relief. Follow-up with a specialist can usually be done in 24 to 72 hours, depending on the complexity of the wound. Full amputations with the part in hand should be referred immediately for possible reimplantation. Some of these injuries need a thorough washout in an OR or a revision of tendons and bones.Management depends on the severity of the injury, degree of wound contamination, and available resources. (Injury. 2017;48[12]:2643.) Consider the patient's age, comorbidities, occupation, hand dominance, and mechanism of injury.Flap repair in the ED with applied bulky dressing. Photos by M. Roberts.Anatomy of the fingertip. Photo: Lippincott Williams &Wilkins, 2018.Fingertip amputations can be classified in...
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Why not enjoy life a little and travel to some of these destinations below that have a Level 4 Travel Advisory? You only live once, after all. Iraq Iran Mali Central African Republic Yemen South Sudan Burkina Faso Syria Somalia Afghanistan North Korea Libya Venezuela Hubei, China Colima, Mexico Guerrero, Mexico Michoacán, Mexico Sinaloa, Mexico Tamaulipas, Mexico North Kivu, DRC South Kivu, DRC Ituri, DRC Jammu, India Kashmir, India North Caucasus, Russia Crimea, Russia You're young... If you really think that you just have to work hard and stand out to succeed in pharmacy...
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I was recently hired as a consultant to review claims for services provided by about 2 dozen DPMs. The fraud and the abuse are staggering. Most of those involved are young associates in private practices. The practice owners impressed these associates with how much money they can make if they bill as instructed. I have reviewed cases for an initial visit with unilateral heel pain. The patient ended up with BILATERAL xrays, ultrasound and fluoroscopy all for “comparison”. Patients... Fraud
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Hello everyone! I am an Oral &Maxillofacial surgeon trained in India and I am looking for fellowship opportunities in Sweden/Denmark. Most websites have very limited info in English. Can someone help me out with information/ guidance with the same? Thank you in advance
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Today, The Department of Justice issued an announcement that was “the first ever criminal action against an EHR vendor.” Criminal action The core of the criminal action was something inevitable:  the tension between better health and better profit.  Here’s what I saw … all of which caused me to be not-so-surprised today when the news broke. In 2008 I was the CMIO at Allscripts.  Much of my work was focused on how our customers could use our products to improve the health of our patients.  We implemented clinical practice guidelines in the software as a way to help clinical teams...
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This article discusses the assessment and treatment of patients with LBP, including nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic approaches.
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Date: Friday, 01 31, 2020; Speaker: Mattia Bonsignori, M.D. , Associate Professor, Duke Human Vaccine Institute, Duke University Medical Center; Building 33; Room 1N09
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Discussion Dengue is an important arboviral infection that affects about 40% of the world population. It is found mainly in topical and subtropical areas of the world mainly in developing countries but it range is spreading including the United States. A review of common arboviruses can be found here. It is a flaviavirus with 4 distinct serotypes named DENV-1 through DENV-4 and is spread by A. aegypti a day biting mosquito. Infection with one serotype confers immunity to that serotype but not the others. It does offer some protection for cross-infection but this only lasts a few months. Incubation period is 3-14 days with ...
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  Being outdoors during the warm weather season carries with it the risk of bites of all kinds – insects, animals, ticks and others. Here is some helpful advice for treating bites and itching. Check the symptoms. Most insect bites and stings are mild, causing minor symptoms like itching, redness, stinging or a small degree of swelling around the bite. In some rare cases, stings from hornets, bees, wasps, scorpions or fire ants may lead to more serious reactions, including mosquito-borne West Nile virus. The Mayo Clinic advises moving away from the area where you were stung or bitten to prevent further injur...
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