Prevalence and pattern of chronic kidney disease-mineral bone disorders among hemodialysis patients in kano, northwest nigeria

Conclusion: CKD-MBD is common among patients on hemodialysis in our center. Screening for CKD-MBD and appropriate use of phosphate binder and Vitamin D when indicated are highly recommended.
Source: Annals of African Medicine - Category: African Health Authors: Source Type: research

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The use of biodiesel as fuel has been presented as a viable alternative in the search for renewable energies. It can be produced from the transesterification reaction of vegetable oils with methanol in the presence of sodium or potassium hydroxide as catalysts. In the present research, the transesterification reaction of soybean oil was modeled considering the three steps of the direct and reverse reactions following a second order general kinetics by the finite element method using the COMSOL Multiphysics ® software. The values of rate constants were determined using the simplex optimization method coupled with the de...
Source: Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society - Category: Chemistry Source Type: research
RESUMO Objetivo: Caracterizar os pacientes com doen ça crítica crônica e identificar os preditores relacionados à evolução para doença crítica crônica. Métodos: Coleta prospectiva de dados por 1 ano realizada na unidade de terapia intensiva de um hospital geral localizado na Região Sul do país. Construíram-se três modelos de regressão logística para identificar os fatores associados com doença crítica crônica. Resultados: Dentre os 574 pacientes admitidos à unidade de terapia intensiva dur...
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We present the case of a 71-year-old patient who was admitted to the medical intensive care unit in a state of multiple organ dysfunction. After the fourth day of applying all needed life-saving measures (vasopressor stimulation, mechanical ventilation, continuous dialysis treatment, broad spectrum antibiotic therapy, and other supportive measures), nonspecific heteroanamnestic data revealed that the patient had been having a persistent difficulty in swallowing liquids and food for a few days prior to hospital admission. After performing additional radiological and endoscopic diagnostic procedures, a foreign body was detec...
Source: Revista Brasileira de Terapia Intensiva - Category: Intensive Care Source Type: research
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Background: One ‑visit apexification is a treatment of choice in necrotic immature open apexteeth. Calcium silicate base materials are suitable for this method. The purpose of this study wasto investigate and compare the sealing efficiency of Biodentine, mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA)ProRoot, and calcium ‑enriched mixture (CEM) cement orthograde apical plug using bacterialleakage method.Materials and Methods: In this in vitro study a total of 70 extracted maxillary incisors werecleaned and shaped. A 1.1 ‑mm standardized artificially open apex was created in all samples.The teeth were randomly divided into three exp...
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Conclusion: The present study revealed that no statistically significant differenceswere observed between the two apex locators after Ca(OH)2 paste removal with differentirrigants.
Source: Dental Research Journal - Category: Dentistry Source Type: research
Is single gland excision a viable option for the treatment of MEN1-associated primary hyperparathyroidism? How does it compare with other treatment methods?Clinical Endocrinology
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