More than 2,000 new flu cases reported, number of deaths remains below 'epidemic threshold'

According to the CDC's weekly report, 2.9 percent of all visits to healthcare providers last week were related to influenza, up from 2.5 percent the previous week. There were 2,100 new cases of flu reported to the agency
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Abstract Genomic reassortment is an important genetic event in the generation of emerging influenza viruses, which can cause numerous serious flu endemics and epidemics within hosts or even across different hosts. However, there is no dedicated and comprehensive repository for reassortment events among influenza viruses. Here, we present FluReassort, a database for understanding the genomic reassortment events in influenza viruses. Through manual curation of thousands of literature references, the database compiles 204 reassortment events among 56 subtypes of influenza A viruses isolated in 37 different countries....
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Influenza is an infectious respiratory disease that can cause serious public health hazard. Due to its huge threat to the society, precise real-time forecasting of influenza outbreaks is of great value to our ...
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Contributors : Ariel Rodriguez-Frandsen ; Laura Martin-Sancho ; Anshu P Gounder ; Sumit K ChandaSeries Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencingOrganism : Homo sapiensInfluenza A virus (IAV) is a human respiratory pathogen that causes yearly global epidemics, and sporadic pandemics due to human adaptation of pathogenic strains. Efficient replication of IAV in different species is, in part, dictated by its ability to exploit the genetic environment of the host cell. To investigate IAV tropism in human cells, we evaluated the replication of IAV strains in a diverse subset of epithelial cell lines. HeLa cells ...
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by Nicholas G. Reich, Craig J. McGowan, Teresa K. Yamana, Abhinav Tushar, Evan L. Ray, Dave Osthus, Sasikiran Kandula, Logan C. Brooks, Willow Crawford-Crudell, Graham Casey Gibson, Evan Moore, Rebecca Silva, Matthew Biggerstaff, Michael A. Johansson, Roni Rosenfeld, Jeffrey Shaman Seasonal influenza results in substantial annual morbidity and mortality in the United States and worldwide. Accurate forecasts of key features of influenza epidemics, such as the timing and severity of the peak incidence in a given season, can inform public health response to outbreaks. As part o f ongoing efforts to incorporate data and advan...
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Conclusion: This analysis reveals a recent increase in pneumonia diagnosis in primary care but a contemporaneous decline in that of chest infection suggests that changes in disease labelling practice might partly account for this trend.
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Conclusions: Influenza A and B were equally prevalent. Patients had globally similar characteristics. Patients with influenza A virus infection were more often hospital-admitted and oseltamivir treated; however in-hospital and medium-term mortality rates were not significantly different. Influenza B virus infections can be just as severe as influenza A virus infections.
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Background: Impact of immunosuppression on outcomes in influenza is insufficiently understood.Aims and Objectives: To analyze morbidity and mortality of immunocompetent (IC) vs immunosuppressed (IS) patients with influenza A and B in the 2017/2018 epidemic.Methods: 231 patients with influenza infection evaluated in a German tertiary care hospital were analyzed retrospectively for hospitalization, intensive care unit (ICU) admission and mortality. IS patients were either organ transplant recipients or patients on chemotherapy.Results: In total, 188 (81%) patients needed hospitalization and 34 patients (15%) were admitted to...
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CONCLUSIONS: A vaccination programme which targets children under 15 is predicted to have much larger epidemiological impact than those targeting elderly. PMID: 31735503 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Diabetes mellitus is a growing problem worldwide; however, only 23% of low-income countries have access to insulin, and ironically it costs higher in such countries than high-income ones. Therefore, new strategies for insulin and insulin analogs production are urgently required to improve low-cost access to therapeutic products, so as to contain the diabetes epidemic. SCI-57 is an insulin analog with a greater affinity for the insulin receptor and lower thermal degradation than native insulin. It also shows native mitogenicity and insulin-like biological activity. In this work, SCI-57 was transiently expressed in the Nicot...
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Current challenges: from the path of "original antigenic sin" towards the development of universal flu vaccines. Int Rev Immunol. 2019 Nov 09;:1-16 Authors: Biswas A, Chakrabarti AK, Dutta S Abstract Annual flu led by influenza viruses is contemplated to be one of the foremost global health challenges due to its rapid spread leading to the life-threatening epidemic or pandemic. An enormous number of people die due to flu and its associated intricacies every year. Annual vaccination is considered to be the gold standard strategy to protect the individual from acquiring infection and further de...
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