Case of whooping cough in Iqaluit confirmed by Nunavut Health Department

A case of whooping cough in Iqaluit was confirmed by the Nunavut Health Department last week. 
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The N.W.T. Department of Health is issuing a public health advisory after 8 lab confirmed cases of whooping cough in the Tlicho region.
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AbstractPertussis toxin (PTX) is a potent virulence factor in patients suffering from whooping cough, but in its detoxified version, it is applied for vaccination. It is thought to contribute to the pathology of the disease including various CNS malfunctions. Based on its enzymatic activity, PTX disrupts GPCR-dependent signaling by modifying the α-subunit of heterotrimeric Gi/o-proteins. It is also extensively used as a research tool to study neuronal functions in vivo and in vitro. However, data demonstrating the penetration of PTX from the blood into the brain are missing. Here, we examined the G αi/o-modifyi...
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Conclusion. A B. pertussis of the predominant genomic and virulence lineage in Iran was successfully engineered to produce inactive PTX. This attenuated strain will be useful to further studies to develop both whole cell and acellular pertussis vaccines. PMID: 31778110 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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CONCLUSIONS: HBoV can be detected alone and in co-infection respiratory samples of children with an acute respiratory tract infection. A cause-effect relationship between HBoV and respiratory infection is not clear, so further studies are needed to clarify this point. PMID: 31776891 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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This study explored how health is associated with legislative activity by examining whether outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases, such as measles, mumps, whooping cough and chickenpox, were associated with the introduction of legislation in states to change vaccine exemption laws.
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LAKEVILLE (CBS) — Two students have come down with whooping cough at the Freetown-Lakeville Middle School and there’s concern there may be more. “We have several suspect cases and two students with cultures pending,” Lakeville Public Health Nurse Lori Desmarais said in a letter to the school principal Wednesday. Desmarais said they’re trying to reach all students that may have been exposed. She’s also notified the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Read: Whooping Cough Fact Sheet Whooping cough, which is also known as pertussis, is a highly contagious bacterial infection that dev...
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WHOOPING cough bacteria can “lurk silently” in the noses and throats of healthy people, researchers in the UK have discovered. So how can you prevent the illness, what symptoms should you look out for, and how can you treat it?
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In this study, we used gel-free nanoLC-MS/MS-based proteomics to investigate whether Hfq, a highly conserved post-transcriptional regulatory protein, is involved in B. pertussis adaptation to low iron environment. To this end, we compared the protein profiles of wild type B. pertussis and its isogenic hfq deletion mutant strain under iron-replete and iron-depleted conditions. Almost of 33% of the proteins identified under iron starvation was found to be Hfq-dependent. Among them, proteins involved in oxidative stress tolerance and virulence factors that play a key role in the early steps of host colonization and bacterial ...
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The Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AhR) is a transcription factor that, when activated by ligand-binding, has been shown to regulate the immune response. Pertussis Toxin (PTX) is a virulence factor found in Bordetella pertussis, a human respiratory pathogen that causes whooping cough. PTX promotes colonization and disease promotion by triggering a heightened inflammatory response. The role of AhR in the regulation of PTX-mediated inflammation has not previously been studied. In the current study, we investigate if AhR activation by 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD), a well characterized ligand, can attenuate PTX-media...
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Alberta Health Services has declared a whooping cough outbreak in part of southern Alberta.
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