PERSPECTIVES Hair Cell Afferent Synapses: Function and Dysfunction

To provide a meaningful representation of the auditory landscape, mammalian cochlear hair cells are optimized to detect sounds over an incredibly broad range of frequencies and intensities with unparalleled accuracy. This ability is largely conferred by specialized ribbon synapses that continuously transmit acoustic information with high fidelity and sub-millisecond precision to the afferent dendrites of the spiral ganglion neurons. To achieve this extraordinary task, ribbon synapses employ a unique combination of molecules and mechanisms that are tailored to sounds of different frequencies. Here we review the current understanding of how the hair cell's presynaptic machinery and its postsynaptic afferent connections are formed, how they mature, and how their function is adapted for an accurate perception of sound.
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Conditions:   Breast Cancer;   Breast Pain Interventions:   Procedure: Stellate Ganglion Block;   Drug: Multimodal Analgesia Sponsor:   National Cancer Institute, Egypt Recruiting
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CONCLUSION: Spontaneous resolution of lumbar ganglion is very rare and only 26 cases, including ours, were reported in literature. Different degrees of biomechanical impairment seem to play a fundamental role in the pathogenesis. Related symptoms are essentially represented by low back and/or radicular pain, without significant neurological disorders. Anti-inflammatory drugs, light unloading exercises and brace could be recommended to administrated pain and decrease facet loads. Mean time for clinical improvement was 7 mo, while MRI disappearance occurred in an average time of 11 mo. Therefore, surgery should be applied wh...
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In this study, we show that oxaliplatin leads to a reduction of intracellular pH by forming adducts with neuronal haemoglobin, which acts in this setting as a proton buffer. Furthermore, we show that FDA-approved drugs that inhibit carbonic anhydrase (an enzyme that is linked to haemoglobin in intracellular pH homeostasis), ie, topiramate and acetazolamide, revert (1) oxaliplatin-induced cytosolic acidification and TRPA1 and TRPV1 modulation in DRG neurons in culture, (2) oxaliplatin-induced cytosolic acidification of DRG of treated animals, and (3) oxaliplatin-induced acute cold allodynia in mice while not affecting OHP-i...
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Abstract Carotid body (CB) Type I cells sense the blood pO2 and generate a nervous signal for stimulating ventilation and circulation when blood oxygen levels decline. Three oxygen sensing enzyme complexes may be used for this purpose: 1) mitochondrial electron transport chain metabolism, 2) heme oxygenase 2 (HO-2) generating CO and/or 3) an NAD(P)H oxidase (NOX). We hypothesize that intracellular redox changes are the link between the sensor and nervous signals. To test this hypothesis Type I cell autofluorescence of flavoproteins (Fp) and NAD(P)H within the mouse CB ex vivo was recorded as Fp/(Fp+NAD(P)H) redox ...
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Conclusion A single history of ON induces long-term structural damage within the retina and OR suggestive of both retrograde and anterograde neuroaxonal degeneration.
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The chronic involvement of the afferent visual system in multiple sclerosis (MS) is a powerful model to understand the temporal course and functional relevance of neurodegeneration because it is very well distinguishable from neighboring structures and offers quantifiable structural and functional metrics. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) of the retina and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)-based tractography of the optic radiation have proven to provide sensitive markers for neurodegeneration of the visual pathway in MS.1,2 OCT-derived neuroaxonal retinal damage, represented by thinning of the retinal nerve fiber layer (RNF...
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Conclusions Retinal structural damage develops rapidly following acute ON and is associated with subsequent functional visual deficits. Our results also suggest bilateral retinal pathology following unilateral ON, possibly caused by subclinical involvement of the contralateral NON eyes. Moreover, our data may assist in clinical trial planning in studies targeting tissue damage in acute ON.
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Condition:   Perennial Allergic Rhinitis Interventions:   Procedure: SPA acupuncture;   Procedure: sham acupuncture Sponsor:   Beijing Tongren Hospital Not yet recruiting
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Chemical neuromodulation of the retina using native neurotransmitters to biomimetically activate target retinal neurons through chemical synapses is a promising biomimetic alternative to electrical stimulation for restoring vision in blindness caused by photoreceptor degenerative diseases. Recent research has shown that subretinal chemical stimulation could be advantageous for treating photoreceptor degenerative diseases but many of the parameters for achieving efficacious chemical neuromodulation are yet to be explored. In this paper, we investigated how the depth at which neurotransmitter is injected subretinally affects...
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Conclusion Our data suggest that TN patients improving considerably after RFT do not undergo substantial long-term alterations regarding quantitative sensory perception. [...] Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New YorkArticle in Thieme eJournals: Table of contents  |  Abstract  |  Full text
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