A man ate hotpot and got tapeworms in his brain. He had to be dewormed.

A construction worker in China suffered from headaches and seizures after eating pork and mutton from a spicy hot pot meal. Doctors found tapeworms in his brain, according to a new medical report.
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This study confirmed consistent early onset of efficacy for fremanezumab in chronic migraine prevention, providing potential to improve patient compliance and clinical outcomes.Headache
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Saima Herz, 30, woke up one morning feeling feverish with a throbbing headache before she went to her GP and was told she'd picked up a virus.
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Resumo Este artigo tem por base uma investiga ção realizada entre novembro de 2013 e janeiro de 2017, na Universidade do Minho (Portugal), sobre os docentes da Universidade Óscar Ribas (UOR) (Angola). Foi alicerçado num referencial teórico, a Psicodinâmica do Trabalho de Christophe Dejours, e teve como objetivos analisar os sintomas biops icossociais e os sentimentos de prazer e/ou de sofrimento relacionados com o trabalho docente. Foi utilizada a metodologia quantitativa, que teve por base a aplicação de um questionário e duas escalas a 56 docentes da UOR. Veri...
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Dent Neurologic Institute has opened three new specialty clinics within its Amherst headquarters targeting very different conditions. In September, Dent opened a Spasticity Clinic at the Sheridan Drive site help patients suffering from abnormal muscle contractions tied to injuries to the brain and spinal cord. That was followed in November by the Ketamine Clinic, providing intravenous treatments for severe depression, pain and c hronic migraine; and an interventional psychiatry clinic. Dent offers…
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CONCLUSION: This study showed that calcitonin could be helpful analgesic agent in different painful situations. Calcitonin can be considered an eligible treatment for acute pains related to vertebral fractures and a feasible alternative for the treatment of the acute and chronic neuropathic pains where other medications might fail. PMID: 31810524 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Consider RCVS in the differential diagnosis of an acute thunderclap headache on dose escalation of cabergoline as an unrecognized trigger after long-term use.
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AbstractSpreading depolarization is observed as a large negative shift of the direct current potential, swelling of neuronal somas, and dendritic beading in the brain ’s gray matter and represents a state of a potentially reversible mass injury. Its hallmark is the abrupt, massive ion translocation between intraneuronal and extracellular compartment that causes water uptake (= cytotoxic edema) and massive glutamate release. Dependent on the tissue’s energy st atus, spreading depolarization can co-occur with different depression or silencing patterns of spontaneous activity. In adequately supplied tissue, spread...
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AbstractBackgroundThe aim of this study is to investigate the alterations of thalamic nuclei volumes and the intrinsic thalamic network in patients with migraine.MethodsWe enrolled 35 patients with migraine without aura and 40 healthy controls. All subjects underwent three-dimensional T1-weighted imaging. The thalamic nuclei were segmented using the FreeSurfer program. We investigated volume changes of individual thalamic nuclei and analyzed the alterations of the intrinsic thalamic network based on volumes in the patients with migraine.ResultsRight and left thalamic volumes as a whole were not different between the patien...
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Consider the diagnosis of PRES in HIV-infected patients even in the absence of traditionally established risk factors.
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ghi Pituitary adenomas (PAs) are among the most common intracranial neoplasms, but despite their histologically benign nature, these tumors sometimes grow large enough to cause symptoms of mass effect such as vision loss, headaches, or hypopituitarism. When they get this large, surgery will unfortunately not be curative and, other than prolactinomas, medical options are limited, and radiation has variable efficacy in controlling growth. Understanding the genetic perturbations, such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), that promote the formation or growth of functional and nonfunctional PAs is important because su...
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