Transcranial Doppler Screening Adherence among Children with Sickle Cell Anemia Seen in the Emergency Department

To evaluate adherence to annual transcranial Doppler ultrasound (TCD) screening to prevent stroke among patients with sickle cell anemia (SCA) seen in the emergency department (ED).
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INTRODUCTIONChronic red blood cell (RBC) transfusion therapy can prevent new and progressive stroke in Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), as shown by multiple clinical trials in SCD including the STOP 1&2, SIT, and SWITCH trials. Middle cerebral artery time-averaged mean velocity (MCA velocity), measured by Trans-cranial Doppler Ultrasound (TCD), is a clinical biomarker utilized to initiate chronic RBC transfusion to reduce stroke risk in children with SCD. However, MCA velocity measured by TCD lacks sensitivity and specificity in predicting stroke. Most SCD patients with high MCA velocity do not experience overt stroke, while 10-...
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Introduction: Despite high prevalence of Sickle Cell Anemia (SCA) in sub-Saharan Africa, systematic evaluation of structural and functional impact of pediatric sickle cerebrovasculopathy has been limited. In a cross-sectional study of children with HbSS, ages 1-12 years, receiving care at the Mulago Hospital SCD clinic in Kampala, we hypothesized there would be high prevalence of multi-modal brain injury and stroke risk, as defined by 4 different adverse outcomes. Here we present our completed study results.Methods: Patients were randomly selected from the electronic clinic roster. None was taking hydroxyurea. Exclusion cr...
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Conclusions: This retrospective study noted an increased risk for development of an abnormal or conditional TCD with an increased HI. The addition of hemoglobin to the HI to form HHI showed an elevated risk for abnormal or conditional TCD to the same degree as HI itself. These results could offer an additional tool in the evaluation of the pediatric SCA population, although these results would benefit from a prospective look. Further look into a possible association between HI and other SCD related complications such as stroke and acute chest syndrome could provide further information for the treating team for the overall ...
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Conclusions: Nearly all DISPLACE sites order TCD screening annually, as recommended in the guidelines, with some ordering screening more frequently. A few sites did not report initiation of CRCT per STOP protocol for abnormal TCD results; however, over half of the sites reported following up with an MRI/MRA, which may suggest evaluating for vasculopathy prior to CRCT. Some sites reported beginning HU therapy for abnormal results; this may reflect consideration of patients for whom CRCT is not possible, but data were not collected for confirmation. Interestingly, results suggest a reliance on MRI/MRA since sites commonly re...
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American Journal of Hematology, EarlyView.
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Conclusions—Sickle mice are sensitive to hypoxia/ischemia-induced cerebral infarct but benefit from thrombolytic treatment. An increased resistive index in carotid arteries may be an early marker of sickle cell vasculopathy.
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Authors: Ojewunmi OO, Adeyemo TA, Osuntoki AA, Imaga NA, Oyetunji AI Abstract BACKGROUND: Transcranial Doppler ultrasound (TCD) scan, which measures blood flow velocity through the time-averaged mean of maximum velocities (TAMMVs) in the internal carotid arteries and middle cerebral arteries, is a useful screening tool for predicting stroke risk in children with sickle cell anaemia (SCA). AIM: To investigate which clinical and laboratory indices predict abnormal TCD velocity in children with SCA. METHODS: Fifty-four SCA patients with normal TCD (TAMMV 
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PRIMARY STROKE PREVENTION IN CHILDREN WITH SICKLE CELL ANEMIA LIVING IN AFRICA: THE FALSE CHOICE BETWEEN PATIENT-ORIENTED RESEARCH AND HUMANITARIAN SERVICE. Trans Am Clin Climatol Assoc. 2016;127:17-33 Authors: Debaun MR, Galadanci NA, Kassim AA, Jordan LC, Phillips S, Aliyu MH Abstract In the United States, primary stroke prevention in children with sickle cell anemia (SCA) is now the standard of care and includes annual transcranial Doppler ultrasound evaluation to detect elevated intracranial velocities; and for those at risk, monthly blood transfusion therapy for at least a year followed by the opt...
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CONCLUSIONS: Poor school performance affects half of the patients and it is related to nocturnal hypoxemia, although other socio-cultural factors may have an influence. Quality of life is affected in most of these cases independently of academic results. The absence of alterations in neuroimaging or the apparent lack of severe clinical parameters do not mean that quality of life and schooling are normal. PMID: 27692991 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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