Transforming Growth Factor β‐Activated Kinase 1 Regulates Mesenchymal Stem Cell Proliferation Through Stabilization of Yap1/Taz Proteins

This study reveals a novel pathway controlling BMMSC proliferation and suggests a useful method to improve the therapeutic effect of BMMSC transplantation.Stem Cells2019
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Abstract Mitochondrial fission and fusion are important for mitochondrial function, and dynamin 1-like protein (DNM1L) is a key regulator of mitochondrial fission. We investigated the effect of mitochondrial fission on mitochondrial function and inflammation in fibroblast-like synoviocytes (FLSs) during rheumatoid arthritis (RA). DNM1L expression was determined in synovial tissues (STs) from RA and non-RA patients. FLSs were isolated from STs and treated with a DNM1L inhibitor (mdivi-1, mitochondrial division inhibitor 1) or transfected with DNM1L-specific siRNA. Mitochondrial morphology, DNM1L expression, cell vi...
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This study reveals a novel pathway controlling BMMSC proliferation and suggests a useful method to improve the therapeutic effect of BMMSC transplantation.Stem Cells2019
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This study focused on the potential therapeutic effect of wogonin on complete Freund's adjuvant (CFA) induced RA in rats and the underlying mechanisms. Arthritis was experimentally caused in rats by subcutaneously injecting 0.1 mL of CFA into the subplantar area of the left hind paw under moderate anesthesia on day zero. The regular oral doses of indomethacin/wogonin began on day zero and proceeded after injection to day 35. Wogonin reduced arthritic score considerably, enhanced body weight, and reduced paw thickness. Wogonin also boosted red blood cell considerably along with hemoglobin and reduced white blood cell count ...
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ObjectiveMucosa ‐associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma translocation protein 1 (MALT‐1) plays a crucial role in innate and adaptive immune signaling by modulating the threshold for activation of immune cells, including Treg cells. Therefore, MALT‐1 is regarded to be an interesting therapeutic target in several immune‐mediated diseases. The goal of this study was to examine the role of MALT‐1 in experimental animal models of rheumatoid arthritis (RA).MethodsMALT ‐1 activation was assessed by measuring cleavage of the deubiquitinase CYLD in lymphocytes from mice with collagen‐induced arthritis (CIA). Furthermore,...
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This study investigated the functional involvement of GRK5 in OA pathogenesis.MethodsGRK5 expression in human normal and OA knee joints was analysed immunohistochemically. Gain ‐ or loss‐of‐function experiments were performed using human and mouse chondrocytes. OA was induced in GRK5 knockout mice by destabilisation of the medial meniscus, followed by histological examination. Furthermore, OA was induced in wild‐type mice, and then treated with an intra‐articular injection of amlexanox, a selective GRK5 inhibitor, every 5 days for 8 weeks.ResultsGRK5 protein expression was increased in human OA cartilage. In vitr...
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In this study, the enhanced mice live somewhat longer than their unmodified peers, though not as much longer as is the case for the application of telomerase gene therapy. The mice do also exhibit reduced cancer risk, however. The scientists here class telomere shortening as a cause of aging, which is not a point universally agreed upon. Reductions in average telomere length in tissues looks much more like a downstream consequence of reduced stem cell activity than an independent mechanism. Researchers obtain the first mice born with hyper-long telomeres and show that it is possible to extend life without any geneti...
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Arthritis&Rheumatology, EarlyView.
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This study aimed to investigate inhibitory effect of its ethanol extract (GTE) on RA-associated inflammation. Nine isoflavonoids of twelve ones which were found in G. tabacina roots were identified by UHPLC-DAD-MS/MS. GTE treatment suppressed lipopolysaccharide-stimulated overproduction of nitric oxide, TNF-α and IL-6, and iNOS expression in macrophages. GTE blocked the activation of NF-κB and MAPK pathways, as indicated by reduced levels of phosphorylation of IKKα/β, IκBα, p38, ERK and JNK, and the suppressed nuclear translocation of NF-κB p65. Additionally, GTE administration decr...
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ConclusionGEN inhibits IL-6–induced VEGF expression and angiogenesis partially through the JAK2/STAT3 pathway in RA, which has provided a novel insight into the antiangiogenic activity of GEN in RA.The translational potential of this articleOur study provides scientific guidance for the clinical translational research of GEN in the RA treatment.
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This study was aimed at investigating the best compatibility ratio of SMP on hyperuricemia and gouty arthritis and getting better insight of the possible mechanism. Methods. In vitro, anti-inflammatory activity of SMP was evaluated by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) induced RAW264.7 cells. The release of nitric oxide (NO) was screened by Griess assay, and NF-κB p65 and NLRP3 proteins expression was examined by immunofluorescence assay. Then, the levels of creatinine (Cr), blood urea nitrogen (BUN), and uric acid (UA) were detected in mice induced by potassium oxonate, and the paw oedema, inflammatory mediators, and histolog...
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