Nutritional status and constipation scoring of inguinal hernia patients: a case –control study

ConclusionOur study is the first to evaluate whether there is a relationship between inguinal hernia and nutrition, according to the literature. Lifestyle modifications and a healthy diet with the consumption of less meat and more vegetables may have an impact on the reduction of hernia occurrence.
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e Jing Wang Approximately one in five adolescents experience mental health problems globally. However, studies on mental health problems in Chinese high school students are few. Therefore, this study examined the status and associated factors of mental health problems in high school students in China. A stratified two-stage cluster sampling procedure was adopted, leading to a final sample of 15,055 participants from 46 high schools in all 17 provincial cities of Henan province, China. Self-reported questionnaires were used to collect the data. A mental health problems variable was assessed using the Mental Health Inv...
Source: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - Category: Environmental Health Authors: Tags: Article Source Type: research
Conclusion: We evidenced an overexpression of alpha synuclein mRNA in people with problems of alcohol consumption that was not related to the diagnosis of chronic constipation. PMID: 32673459 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Biomedica : Revista del Instituto Nacional de Salud - Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Biomedica Source Type: research
und G Abstract Many diseases, including caries, chronic inflammatory diseases, diabetes, and obesity, are associated with uncontrolled sugar consumption. Artificial sweeteners are commonly used in food and pharmaceutical industries as sugar substitutes for the prevention of several dental and body diseases; they also have a favorable impact on body weight as they may help to restrict simple sugar consumption. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that is commonly used as a sweetener. It can be found naturally or artificially prepared mainly from plant materials chemically or by fermentation of hemicelluloses from agricultura...
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Authors: Sawicka B, Skiba D, Pszczółkowski P, Aslan I, Sharifi-Rad J, Krochmal-Marczak B Abstract Identifying the nutritional and health properties of Helianthus tuberosus, and learning more about this valuable species. It is believed that increased consumption of Jerusalem artichoke (JA) products is related to low blood pressure. One of many questions to answer is whether supplementation of inulin and inulin derivatives obtained from Helianthus tuberosus tubers and aerial parts can be used as antidiabetic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-fungistatic, anti-constipation, body mass-reducing, metabolism-improving...
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Abstract 1. INTRODUCTION Hemorrhoids are vascular cushions underlying the distal rectal mucosa and contributing for approximately 15-20% of the resting anal pressure with a complete closure of the anal canal. They can become pathological (hemorrhoidal disease, HD) being the most common cause of painless rectal bleeding during defecation with or without prolapsing anal tissue1 . In this case the blood is bright red, not mixed with faeces but instead coated on their outer surface, or dropping after bowel movement. HD is generally classified by its location in internal (originated above the dentate line and covered b...
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Opioids are so highly addictive that they have created a dangerous and deadly epidemic in the United States. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that more than 2 million Americans abuse opioids and that more than 90 Americans die on average by opioid overdose every day. Individuals can become addicted to opioids so quickly that it can be difficult to notice when the line has been crossed over to opioid abuse. If you or your loved one is taking opioids, whether legal or illegal, make note of these signs and symptoms of opioid abuse and how to get help. How Does Opioid Abuse Begin? Opioids work by binding ...
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What are the Signs of Opioid Use? Opioids are a group of drugs derived naturally from the poppy plant, or are man-made in a laboratory, also known as synthetic opioids. Opioids are generally prescribed to individuals suffering from chronic pain, whether from surgery, a major injury or other health issues. Legally prescribed opioids include morphine, codeine, and oxycodone, while illegal opioids include heroin. It is easy to know if an individual is using opioids if they’ve been prescribed, but it is also important to know the signs of opioid use if it has crossed the line into an addiction. Signs and Symptoms There a...
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CONCLUSIONS: FI was not a common symptom in adult Chinese women living in urban areas and there were some potential modifiable risk factors. TRIAL REGISTRATION: Chinses Clinical Trial Registry: ChiCTR-OCS-14004675; PMID: 31809317 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Chinese Medical Journal - Category: General Medicine Authors: Tags: Chin Med J (Engl) Source Type: research
This study lists the various anomalies on the basis of 504 references selected from a PubMed search in October 2018. RESULTS: The anomalies are grouped into three categories: anatomical anomalies: duodenal atresia and stenosis (3.9%), duodenal web and annular pancreas; aberrant right subclavian artery (12% of children with DS with cardiac anomaly); Hirschsprung's disease (2.76%); anorectal malformation (1.16%); congenital vascular malformations of the liver; orofacial cleft, bifid uvula (4.63%), and submucous orofacial cleft; esophageal atresia (0.5-0.9%); pyloric stenosis (0.3%); diaphragmatic hernia; malrotation of ...
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ConclusionConclusively, treatment with lichen extract assuages alcohol-related damage and guards hepatic tissue from alcohol-induced toxicity.Graphical abstract
Source: Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine - Category: Complementary Medicine Source Type: research
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