Sevoflurane Promotes Bactericidal Properties of Macrophages through Enhanced Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Expression in Male Mice

Conclusions Sevoflurane enhances phagocytosis of bacteria by lipopolysaccharide-challenged macrophagesin vitro andin vivo via an inducible NO synthase –dependent mechanism. Thus, sevoflurane potentiates bactericidal and antiinflammatory host-defense mechanisms in endotoxemia.
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In conclusion, this model allows for longitudinal imaging of host responses to localized kidney challenges and highlights the extensive network of renal phagocytes and their behavior in vivo in health and disease.
Source: Frontiers in Immunology - Category: Allergy & Immunology Source Type: research
In conclusion, this model allows for longitudinal imaging of responses to localized kidney challenges in the mouse.
Source: Frontiers in Immunology - Category: Allergy & Immunology Source Type: research
CONCLUSIONS: Chorioamnionitis and endometritis were the most common causes of sepsis, together accounting for about half of cases. Notable differences were observed in the sensitivity and specificity of sepsis screening tools with the highest to lowest sensitivity being SIRS, MEW, and qSOFA criteria, and the highest to lowest specificity being qSOFA, MEW, and SIRS. Mortality was doubled in the cohort of patients who received antibiotics after>1 hour. Clinicians need to be vigilant to identify cases of peripartum sepsis early in its course and prioritize timely antibiotic therapy. PMID: 31743182 [PubMed - in process]
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In this study, sepsis was induced in six anaesthetized adult Border Leicester × Merino ewes via intravenous instillation of E. coli and sheep monitored according to intensive care unit standard protocols for 26 h, with the requirement for noradrenaline as the primary endpoint. Septic sheep exhibited a hyperdynamic circulation, renal dysfunction, deranged coagulation profile and severe metabolic acidosis. Sheep were assigned a severity of illness score, which increased over time. While a therapeutic effect of intravenous anti-HMGB1 antibody could not be observed in this model due to limited animal numbers, a reduced b...
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By now most of us are familiar with Brexit, the UK’s pending divorce with the European Union. But in a play on that term, British doctors are also moving towards an exit they’ve dubbed “TRexit” from the most common sort of prostate biopsy: the transrectal ultrasound guided biopsy, or TRUS. Men who test positive on the PSA cancer screening test will usually have a prostate biopsy that’s performed in either of two ways. With a TRUS, doctors guided by an ultrasound machine can sample the prostate using a biopsy needle inserted through the rectum. Alternatively, the biopsy needle can be inserted (...
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Publication date: Available online 8 July 2019Source: Carbohydrate PolymersAuthor(s): L.B. Sukhodub, L.F. Sukhodub, M.O. Kumeda, S.V. Prylutska, V. Deineka, Yu. I. Prylutskyy, U. RitterAbstractBioactive composite material in the form of beads, based on natural polysaccharide Chitosan (CS), hydroxyapatite (HA), and C60 fullerene (C60), was synthesized under influence of microwave irradiation (MW). The bead is a 3D matrix consisting of CS macromolecules cross-linked with sodium tripolyphosphate with HA and C60 particles immobilized in its structure. XRD and FTIR data confirmed the formation of calcium deficient carbonate sub...
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Publication date: Available online 30 May 2019Source: Microbial PathogenesisAuthor(s): Zhifeng Jia, Aqima Wu, Meiling He, Liang Zhang, Chunjie Wang, Aorigele ChenAbstractEscherichia coli (E. coli) O1-induced diarrhea is associated with intestinal microbial imbalance, however, the results of using oral antibiotics still remain poor. To overcome such problem, our study investigates the role of metabolites from stable flies (MSF) in the occurrence of diarrhea. The amino acid composition and molecular weight analysis of MSF by RP-HPLC and GPC, respectively. Besides the normal control group, SPF mice in other group were inocula...
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Antonella Riccomi1, Giovanni Piccaro2, Dennis Christensen3, Carla Palma1, Peter Andersen3 and Silvia Vendetti1* 1Department of Infectious Diseases, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy 2Notified Body, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy 3Department of Infectious Diseases Immunology, Statens Serum Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark Most microbes invading through mucosal surfaces cause disease and therefore strategies to induce mucosal immune responses are strongly needed. Vitamin A metabolites, such as retinoic acid (RA), play crucial roles in programming T and B cells to home to mucosal compa...
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In conclusion, the mouse pharyngeal colonization model is an affordable and accessible experimental system that allows a broader group of research groups to test the importance of their findings in an in vivo model. There is a great deal of overlap between the bacterial and immune factors found to be important in human and murine pharyngeal colonization. Although MHC-II humanized mice could prove useful in answering certain questions, the use of inbred mouse lines appears to be sufficient for evaluation of most questions, both related to bacterial factors and the host immune response. However, when promising treatments or ...
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Conclusions Extracellular vesicles from interferon- γ–primed human umbilical cord mesenchymal stromal cells more effectively attenuatedE. coli–induced lung injury compared with extracellular vesicles from naïve mesenchymal stromal cells, potentiallyvia enhanced macrophage phagocytosis and killing ofE. coli.
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