Diagnosis and treatment of glomus tumors of the skull base and neck.

[Diagnosis and treatment of glomus tumors of the skull base and neck]. Radiologe. 2019 Nov 07;: Authors: Reith W, Kettner M Abstract Glomus tumors (paragangliomas) are rare, usually benign, neuroendocrine tumors that arise from nonchromaffin cells and can be multifocal or familial. They grow slowly, often infiltratively and rarely form metastases. A distinction is made between carotid, jugular, tympanicum and vagal tumors. Depending on the location, clinical symptoms include neck swelling, hearing loss with pulse-synchronous ear noise or cranial nerve failures (IX-XI). Diagnosis is often delayed because of nonspecific symptoms. Diagnostically, tumor expansion and perfusion can be well visualized by color Doppler sonography. In the T2-weighted MRI, the tumor is hyperintense, after contrast agent administration a strong enhancement occurs due to the strong vascularization. In DSA (digital subtraction angiography), even small glomus tumors can be detected. Therapeutically, operative tumor resection after embolization with, e.g., polyvinyl alcohol particles or liquid embolization can be performed. If the patient is in poor general condition or if the tumor is inoperable, different treatment techniques (intensity-modulated radiotherapy, gamma or cyber-knife) may be considered as a conservative therapeutic alternative. PMID: 31701165 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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tilde;ez R, Sancenón F Abstract A simple and effective colorimetric method for the detection of normetanephrine (NMN), an O-methylated metabolite of norepinephrine, using functionalised gold nanoparticles is described. This metabolite is an important biomarker in the diagnosis of adrenal tumours such as pheocromocytoma or paraganglioma. The colorimetric probe consists of spherical gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) functionalised with two different ligands, which specifically recognize different functional groups in normetanephrine. Thus, a benzaldehyde-terminated ligand was used for the recognition of the amino al...
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Thyroid nodule is extremely common in clinical practice. An evaluation of thyroid nodule is often straightforward. However, pathologic findings can occasionally be surprising. A 42-year-old previously healthy man referred to endocrinology clinic with asymptomatic neck enlargement noted during evaluation of acid reflux symptom. He had no previous radiation exposure to head and neck. He did not take medication on regular basis, denied smoking cigarette or drinking alcohol in excess. Family history was unremarkable for thyroid disease or cancer.
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Conclusions Onyx embolization is a valuable alternative to surgery in the treatment of jugulotympanic and vagal paragangliomas; tympanic surgery or radiosurgery of the skull base should be considered in selected cases. Preoperative Onyx embolization of CBPs is not recommended.
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