Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors (PPARs) levels in spermatozoa of normozoospermic and asthenozoospermic men.

This study was designed to determine and compare PPARα, PPARβ and PPARγ mRNA expression in sperm cells of normozoospermic and asthenozoospermic men. In addition, flow cytometric analyses, immunofluorescence and western blot were used to evaluate PPARγ protein levels in spermatozoa. We have compared the sperm PPARs mRNA relative expression in 27 normozoospermic and 28 asthenozoospermic samples and monitored sperm PPARγ protein levels in 39 normozoospermic and 40 asthenozoospermic samples using flow cytometry. We have also assessed in a sub-group of seven normozoospermic and eight asthenozoospermic samples, PPARγ protein levels by western blotting. Relative expression of PPARγ mRNA in normozoospermic men was found to be significantly higher (P = 0.004) than in asthenozoospermic men while PPARα and PPARβ relative expression was similar in the two groups. Likewise, PPARγ showed a positive correlation with motility (r = 0.34; P
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AbstractThe management of aggressive pituitary adenomas represents a special clinical challenge, and usually involves a combination of surgery, radiotherapy and pharmacological agents to control tumor growth and hormone abnormalities. Fertility is commonly affected in these patients due to compressive effects of the tumor, pituitary hormone dysfunction or as a result of the multiple therapies. The initial approach to restore fertility involves the reduction of tumor volume by the use of dopamine agonists in prolactinomas and by surgery in other pituitary adenomas. Somatostatin analogues are alternative options for GH, ACTH...
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ConclusionsWe found adequate evidence supporting the use of surgery for the treatment of symptomatic isthmocele, as it was found to improve the bleeding symptoms in more than 80% of patients. Differently, we found a lack of evidence regarding the role of surgery with the purpose of improving fertility or reducing the risk of obstetric complications in women with asymptomatic isthmocele. The hysteroscopic correction of isthmocele may be the safest and most effective strategy in those patients with adequate residual myometrial thickness overlying the isthmocele. Laparoscopic and vaginal surgeries may be the preferred options...
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Molecular cytogenetic characterization of an isodicentric Yq and a neocentric isochromosome Yp in an azoospermic male. Mol Med Rep. 2020 Feb;21(2):918-926 Authors: Jiang Y, Yue F, Wang R, Zhang H, Li L, Li L, Li S, Liu R Abstract Isodicentric Y chromosomes are considered one of the most common structural abnormalities of the Y chromosome. Neocentric marker chromosomes, with neocentromeres, have drawn increasing attention in recent years. The present study reported an azoospermic male with a neocentric isochromosome Yp, neo(Yp), and an isodicentric Yq, idic(Yq). The ka...
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ConclusionsThe live birth among recipients of donated oocytes does not differ depending on the mode of treatment for endogenous LH suppression administered to the oocyte donors (OD) during controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) .This information is reassuring and of great interest for those teams using this kind of protocols, although deserves further research.
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Analysis of heart and neural crest derivatives-expressed protein 2 (HAND2)-progesterone interactions in peri-implantation endometrium†. Biol Reprod. 2020 Jan 26;: Authors: Šućurović S, Nikolić T, Brosens JJ, Mulac-Jeričević B Abstract Implantation is restricted to a narrow window when the local endometrial microenvironment is supportive of the invading embryo. The ovarian steroid hormones estrogen (E), and progesterone (P) are principal regulators of uterine receptivity. Suppression of E-dependent proliferation of luminal epithelium (LE) by P is mandatory for embryo implantation. He...
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ConclusionOur findings demonstrated altered expression levels of MRE11 and RAD50 in human testes with MA and SCOS, and showed that these alterations might be associated with impaired spermatogenesis. These results offer valuable new perspectives into the molecular mechanisms of male infertility.
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In this study the molecular mechanism of B(a)P induced Leydig cell steroidogenic dysfunctions and its protective mechanism of action with a natural Aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) antagonist and anti-oxidant, Resveratrol (Res) has been investigated. B(a)P exposure induced ROS mediated steroidogenic imbalance via activation of p38MAPK and repression of testosterone level as well as other steroidogenic enzymes like CYPIIA1, 3β-HSD, 17β-HSD expressions. B(a)P exposure decreased StAR protein expression along with increased DAX-1, a transcriptional repressor of StAR gene. Along with that B(a)P decreased the expression...
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ConclusionsStomatocytic disorders appear to be underdiagnosed in India which is compounded by the protean clinical manifestations, milder phenotypes, low index of suspicion and non-availability of molecular confirmation. Astute phenotype characterization is critical as it will help in establishing the causality of the variants identified and appropriate genetic counseling. Recently NGS for hemolytic anemias has led to rapid molecular characterization and accurate phenotypic correlation.DisclosuresNo relevant conflicts of interest to declare.
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