Trump taps cancer researcher to be FDA commissioner

Stephen Hahn will play a key role in the Food and Drug Administration's fight against youth vaping and opioid addiction
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Oncobiome at the Forefront of a Novel Molecular Mechanism to Understand the Microbiome and Cancer. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2019;1168:147-156 Authors: Astudillo-de la Vega H, Alonso-Luna O, Ali-Pérez J, López-Camarillo C, Ruiz-Garcia E Abstract The microbiome comprises all the genetic material within a microbiota, that represents tenfold higher than that of our cells. The microbiota it includes a wide variety of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, protozoans, fungi, and archaea, and this ecosystem is personalized in any body space of every individual. Balanced microbial communities ca...
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AbstractDNA damage repair deficiency leads to the increased risk of genome instability and oncogenic transformation. In the meanwhile, this deficiency could be exploited for cancer treatment by inducing excessive genome instability and catastrophic DNA damage. Continuous DNA replication in cancer cells leads to higher demand of DNA repair components. Due to the oncogenic loss of some DNA repair effectors (e.g. BRCA) and incomplete DNA repair repertoire, some cancer cells are addicted to certain DNA repair pathways such as Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP)-related single-strand break repair pathway. The interaction betwee...
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You're reading The Only Way to Start Being Happy, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. We live in three different time spaces: the past, the future, and the present. We shuffle back and forth throughout our day, but we mostly live in the past and future. Most of our thoughts are consumed with yesterday or tomorrow. What if he never left me? What if I never took this job? Where am I going to be in five years? Will I still be doing what I do now? If not, how am I going to pay my bills? What if he never calls? Wh...
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ConclusionsThe aRMMs as measured by the prescriber KAU were effective for most key safety messages; however, not all key messages of the aRMMs were stringently followed in routine practice.
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Abstract Photosensitive supramolecular micelles, a combination of intermolecular hydrogen bonds between complementary adenine (A) and uracil (U) groups and a blend of two types of supramolecular polymer, can stably self-assemble into structurally stable, spherical micelles in aqueous solution before and after photoirradiation. The resulting micelles possess unique amphiphilic properties, photo-induced tunable phase-transition behavior, excellent biocompatibility, well-controlled spherical morphology and can be tailored in size. Moreover, the drug content and entrapment efficiency can be finely tuned and release ki...
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ConclusionsThe systematic efforts to reach and engage current smokers have laid the groundwork for maximizing the program ’s future effectiveness and impact. Our initial results demonstrate not only the complexities but also the feasibility of developing a new tobacco treatment program in the oncology setting.Implications for cancer survivorsThe implications for cancer survivors are the significant improvements in treatment outcomes that occur with tobacco abstinence.
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ConclusionParticipants perceived that social disparities may increase symptom complexity in populations with advanced cancer. Participants did not identify ethnicity and gender as influencing symptom burden. Further research is needed to examine the interactions of social disparities, patient individuality, and symptom burden.
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Leukemia cell proliferation requires up-regulation and rewiring of metabolic pathways to feed anabolic cell growth. Oncogenic drivers directly and indirectly regulate metabolic pathways, and aberrant metabolism is central not only for leukemia proliferation and survival, but also mediates oncogene addiction with significant implications for the development of targeted therapies. This review explores leukemia metabolic circuitries feeding anabolism, redox potential, and energy required for tumor propagation with an emphasis on emerging therapeutic opportunities.
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Abstract Adverse childhood experiences are associated with many poor health outcomes. Research has demonstrated associations between childhood trauma and increased incidence of heart disease, lung disease, cancer, mental health disorders, addiction, and a host of autoimmune diseases including diabetes. Current understanding of the mechanisms of injury relies on numerous theoretical frameworks and diagnostic criteria. Radiologic technologists can improve patient care by using research-validated techniques for promoting resilience when working with patients and families affected by adverse childhood experiences. ...
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Abstract The role of 3D genome organization in the precise regulation of gene expression is well established. Accordingly, the mechanistic connections between 3D genome alterations and disease development are becoming increasingly apparent. This opinion article provides a snapshot of our current understanding of the 3D genome alterations associated with cancers. We discuss potential connections of the 3D genome and cancer transcriptional addiction phenomenon as well as molecular mechanisms of action of 3D genome-disrupting drugs. Finally, we highlight issues and perspectives raised by the discovery of the first ph...
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