How Common Are Gastric Ulcers?

Discussion The exact cause of gastric and upper intestinal inflammation and ulceration are not entirely understood. Imbalances between irritative factors and mucosal defenses underlie it. Gastric acid production is at adult levels by 3-4 years. Actual ulceration is associated with a lower acid secretion for gastric ulcerations but are increased in duodenal ulcerations in both adults and children. In adults changes to the mucus layer of the stomach and duodenum and bicarbonate secretion play a part in upper GI inflammation and ulcerations. Genetic studies have been linked to differences in both acid production, and mucosal barriers. Additionally there may also be genetic differences linked to Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infections. H. pylori infections are linked to overcrowding and poor socioeconomic conditions, but rates appear to be declining across the world. Primary ulcerations are defined as upper GI ulcerations in pediatric patients that have no other identified etiology. They are most often caused by H. pylori infection in children. They are much less frequent than secondary ulcerations. Secondary ulcers are due to other causes of upper GI inflammation such as trauma, sepsis, or drugs (i.e. non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), but they can also occur as a secondary problem in specific diseases such as Crohn’s disease and Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. Sickle-cell anemia, reactivation of viral infections such as Epstein-Barr and Varicella infections, and cyst...
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ConclusionOur results show that fluoroscopic-guided NGT placement is a highly safe and effective procedure for patients with advanced HNC requiring enteral feeding.
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ConclusionsWe suggest this score as a very strong predictor for CBD stones, and to reduce the strength of total bilirubin and transaminases as predictors.
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The human genome has been proposed to contribute to interpersonal variability in the way we respond to nutritional intake. However, personalized diets solely based on gene-nutrient interactions have not lived up to their expectations to date. Advances in microbiome research have indicated that a science-based generation of a personalized diet based on a combination of clinical and microbial features may constitute a promising new approach enabling accurate prediction of dietary responses. In addition, scientific advances in our understanding of defined dietary components and their effects on human physiology led to the inc...
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Objectives: Variceal hemorrhage (VH) is a serious complication of portal hypertension (PH). We evaluated the feasibility, safety, and clinical impact of esophageal capsule endoscopy (ECE) in pediatric and young adult patients with known or suspected PH. Methods: Children and young adults with PH at Boston Children's Hospital (2005–2017) were offered ECE for variceal screening or surveillance. Patient histories, ECE findings, and clinical outcomes were reviewed retrospectively. Results: One hundred and forty-nine ECE studies were performed in 98 patients (57.1% male patients) using 3 ECE devices for variceal s...
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Objectives: Gastroesophageal reflux (GER), excessive crying, and constipation are common gastrointestinal symptoms in infancy of multifactorial origin in which psychosocial stress factors play an important role. The aims of this observational study were to investigate the presence of gastrointestinal symptoms in infants of mothers with or without a history of a psychiatric disorder, their association with maternal depressive symptoms, and the possible mediating role of bonding. Methods: One hundred one mothers with a history of a psychiatric disorder and 60 control mothers were included. Infant gastrointestinal sympto...
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Gastroesophageal reflux disease is common in children with gastrostomy tubes. Clinicians often transition to continuous feedings in an attempt to reduce reflux burden, though there is limited data to support this practice. In this retrospective study, we analyzed 24-hour multichannel intraluminal impedance with pH studies in 18 children with gastrostomy tubes receiving exclusive enteral nutrition with a combination of daytime bolus and overnight continuous feedings. There were no significant differences in the rate of reflux (reflux events per hour) between no feeding, bolus feeding, and continuous feeding periods overall ...
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Objectives: Crohn disease (CD) is a chronic relapsing condition possibly caused by a dysbiotic microbiome. Approximately 30% to 60% of patients with CD have anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae antibody (ASCA), but any association with gut microbiota is unexplored. We hypothesized that ASCA positivity would predict a signature microbial status and clinical phenotype. Methods: Ileocolonic mucosal biopsies were obtained from children with CD (nā€Š=ā€Š135), and controls without inflammatory bowel disease (nā€Š=ā€Š45). Comparison was made between ASCA status, microbial diversity, and clinical characteristics. Results: ASCA wa...
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CONCLUSION: Both methods were effective for the treatment of displaced clavicular mid-shaft fractures. However, the MIPO method might be better for recovery of shoulder and upper extremity function in the short term and might have a lower nonunion rate. PMID: 31746443 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Authors: Theermann R, Ohlmeier M, Hartwig CH, Wolff M, Krenn V, Liewen C, Citak M, Gehrke T Abstract INTRODUCTION: Soft tissue swelling of the knee joint can be caused by many diseases. Lipomas are one of the most reasonable differential diagnoses we have to consider. Therefore, we now present the uncommon case of a Lipoma arborescens (LA) and differentiate it from a quite similar manifesting spindle cell lipoma as follows. CASE REPORT: A 49-years old patient reports about progressive knee pain for four years and observes an increasing joint swelling. This swelling is a soft tissue, shiftable tumour, not painfu...
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The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Ahead of Print.
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