Evidence that biopsying, fragmentation and auto-transplantation of ovarian tissue should be abandoned as a treatment of diminished ovarian reserve

In the article by Lunding et al. (2019) ( ‘Biopsying, fragmentation and autotransplantation of fresh ovarian cortical tissue in infertile women with diminished ovarian reserve’) published in this journal, we have evidence that suggests this procedure should be abandoned. Previous reports have proposed that dormant follicles could be act ivated in women with premature ovarian insufficiency through biopsy, fragmentation and auto-transplantation of ovarian tissue, as evidenced by resumption of menses (Zhai et al., 2016) or ovarian response to controlled ovarian stimulation (Suzuki et al., 2015). The authors sought to provide further evidence of benefit, by exploring the use of this procedure in 20 women with diminished ovarian reserve undergoingin vitro fertilization. The authors theorized that either the biopsy or the fragmentation and auto-transplantation would activate dormant follicles and increase follicular development or oocyte yield from the biopsied ovary and/or auto-transplanted tissue.
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The rare operation has implications for wounded soldiers, accident victims, cancer patients and those undergoing sex reassignment.
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Publication date: Available online 25 November 2019Source: Saudi Journal of Biological SciencesAuthor(s): Xiaoliang Mo, Yachang ZengAbstractIn order to study the relationship between ovarian endometriosis and clinical pregnancy, explore the correlation between endometriosis (EMT) and abortion rate and its mechanism, and provide a new theoretical basis for clinical diagnosis as well as treatment of endometriosis, in this study, pelvic endometriosis under 40 years old and have in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer (IVF-ET) operation will be selected as subjects of study. SPSS20.0 statistical software is used to analyze the ...
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This article reviews the latest developments in conditioning regimens for primary immunodeficiency (PID). It focuses on data regarding transplant outcomes according to newer reduced toxicity conditioning regimens used in HCT for PID.Recent FindingsConventional myeloablative conditioning regimens are associated with significant acute toxicities, transplant-related mortality, and late effects such as infertility. Reduced toxicity conditioning regimens have had significant positive impacts on HCT outcome, and there are now well-established strategies in children with PID. Treosulfan has emerged as a promising preparative agen...
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ConclusionsThis meta-analysis reflects low pregnancy rates for cancer survivors desiring a family. However, live births are improving over time with new technology and novel therapies. Hence, female cancer patients should be offered timely discussions, counselling and education around fertility preservation options prior to starting treatment with gonadotoxic therapy.
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In this study, the enhanced mice live somewhat longer than their unmodified peers, though not as much longer as is the case for the application of telomerase gene therapy. The mice do also exhibit reduced cancer risk, however. The scientists here class telomere shortening as a cause of aging, which is not a point universally agreed upon. Reductions in average telomere length in tissues looks much more like a downstream consequence of reduced stem cell activity than an independent mechanism. Researchers obtain the first mice born with hyper-long telomeres and show that it is possible to extend life without any geneti...
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ConclusionOur studies suggest that HUCPVC are promising sources of cells that could be utilized in multiple aspects of male FP strategies.
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ConclusionThis study has demonstrated that SSCs from infant boys possess the capacity for in vitro proliferation and advance a fertility preservation strategy for pre-pubertal boys who may otherwise lose their fertility.
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Quality of life transplantations (e.g. hand, face, etc.), in contrast to life-saving transplantations (e.g. heart, lungs, etc.), have become increasingly popular and have gained more acceptance in the medical and lay communities. In the last two decades transplants for sexual and reproductive organs—specifically allogenic transplantations of the uterus, ovary, and penis—have emerged as yet another type of quality of life transplants. The purpose of uterus transplantations is to allow cisgender women with absolute uterine factor infertility to experience pregnancy. Although the first uterus transplantation took ...
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Authors: Vermeulen M, Giudice MG, Del Vento F, Wyns C Abstract While improvements made in the field of cancer therapy allow high survival rates, gonadotoxicity of chemo- and radiotherapy can lead to infertility in male and female pre- and postpubertal patients. Clinical options to preserve fertility before starting gonadotoxic therapies by cryopreserving sperm or oocytes for future use with assisted reproductive technology (ART) are now applied worldwide. Cryopreservation of pre- and postpubertal ovarian tissue containing primordial follicles, though still considered experimental, has already led to the birth of he...
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Primary ovarian insufficiency (POI) refers to ovarian loss of function under the age of 40 years and lead those patients to usually present by amenorrhea and infertility. One of the reasons of POI is chemotherapy for cancer patients. It is broadly believed that chemotherapy drugs may vastly eliminate granulosa cells which are essential for oocyte survival and follicular development. Our previous study shows that transplantation of human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cell (hBM-MSC) in chemotherapy induced POI mouse ovary can reverse POI through correction of serum hormonal level, promote follicular generation in ovar...
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