Benefits of Silent DWI MRI in Success Rate, Image Quality, and the Need for Secondary Sedation During Brain Imaging of Children of 3–36 Months of Age

This study aimed to evaluate the success rate and image quality of silent MRI for the brain of children.Materials and MethodsThis was a retrospective study of 3–36-month children who underwent silent or conventional brain MRI at the People's Hospital of Northern Jiangsu from 01/2015 to 02/2018. The success rates were compared. The acoustic noise of each sequence was measured using a decibel meter. The signal-to-noise ratio and contrast-to-noise ratio of the diffusion-weighted imaging, T2W, and T1W sequences were analyzed. Subjective image quality (lesion delineation, visibility, gray-white differentiation, and overall diagnostic usefulness) was determined.ResultsThe success rate of silent MRI (n = 443) was higher than that of conventional MRI (n = 391) (97.7% vs. 88.2%, p
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In this study, we used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of distal radius ossification to obtain data for age estimation. Wrist MRI scans from 338 individuals, aged 10 –29 years, were examined retrospectively using the staging system of Schmidt et al. and the extension of the stages as described by Timme et al. The results revealed that the minimum ages for stage 4a ossification were 16.0 years in women and 17.7 years in men, whereas those for stage 4b ossificat ion were 16.6 and 18.2 years in women and men, respectively. Stage 5 was not detected in any patient. These results were comparable with those of a previous s...
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ConclusionsNeither MRI nor US showed satisfactory diagnostic test accuracy in detecting bone erosion. However, the 1.5-T Signa MRI system, General Electric ©, and different models of LOGIQ US units and General Electric© showed similarly good performance in detecting bone erosion in RA patients, while the 2nd metacarpophalangeal joint is the best recommended scanning position during US.Key Points:• In this study, we evaluated the diagnostic accuracy of US and MRI for bone erosion in RA patients, neither MRI nor US showed perfect diagnostic test accuracy.• 1.5-T Signa system and the LOGIQ units both from ...
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ConclusionStandard clinical MRI investigations may result in pronounced heating at the tip of epicardial electrodes. Epicardial leads, which are not connected to a pacemaker and thus mimicking abandoned leads, may even result in a more pronounced rise in temperature at the lead tip. Therefore, current epicardial pacing systems may carry a substantial risk of inducing thermal damage of the neighboring tissue during MRI scanning.
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The brain is an energy-hungry organ, and is sensitive to reductions in the blood supply of oxygen and nutrients. Cardiovascular aging can reduce that supply, whether through conditions such as heart failure, or the progressive loss of density in capillary networks that occurs throughout the body with advancing age, or an accelerated pace of rupture of tiny vessels in the brain, or disruption of the blood-brain barrier, allowing unwanted molecules and cells to enter the brain. Thus, as researchers here note, we would expect to see correlations between cardiovascular disease, or risk factors for cardiovascular disease, and d...
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Publication date: Available online 9 November 2019Source: Radiation Physics and ChemistryAuthor(s): Farahani Somayeh, Nader Riyahi Alam, Haghgoo Soheila, Shirazi Alireza, Geraily Ghazale, Gorji Ensiye, Kavousi NasibehAbstractOvercoming the tumor radioresistance along with protecting the adjacent normal tissues is considered as the ultimate goal of the radiation therapy. To achieve this goal, extensive studies have demonstrated the radiosensitization potential of the gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) during treatment with low-energy ionizing radiation due to their high-photoelectric absorption coefficient. Compared to the AuNPs, t...
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Publication date: Available online 9 November 2019Source: Epilepsy &BehaviorAuthor(s): Kristie Bauman, Orrin Devinsky, Anli A. LiuAbstractCareful study of the clinical outcomes of temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) surgery has greatly advanced our knowledge of the neuroanatomy of human memory. After early cases resulted in profound amnesia, the critical role of the hippocampus and associated medial temporal lobe (MTL) structures to declarative memory became evident. Surgical approaches quickly changed to become unilateral and later, to be more precise, potentially reducing cognitive morbidity. Neuropsychological studies foll...
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Publication date: Available online 8 November 2019Source: NeuroImageAuthor(s): William T. Clarke, Olivier Mougin, Ian D. Driver, Catarina Rua, Andrew T. Morgan, Michael Asghar, Stuart Clare, Susan Francis, Richard G. Wise, Christopher T. Rodgers, Adrian Carpenter, Keith Muir, Richard BowtellAbstractIncreasing numbers of 7 T (7 T) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners are in research and clinical use. 7 T MRI can increase the scanning speed, spatial resolution and contrast-to-noise-ratio of many neuroimaging protocols, but technical challenges in implementation have been addressed in a variety of ways across sites...
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ConclusionsThe described technique allows for a precise anatomical identification of the recorded brain areas and thus to draw strong conclusions about the role of each targeted cortical area in the behavior under study.
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CONCLUSION: When a patient with ONFH has an unexplained elevation of ESR and/or CRP, concomitant septic arthritis of the hip should be suspected. PMID: 31687776 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Lung cancer has been identified as the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide and one of the most common malignancies in China [1]. More and more non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients have been observed in the screening projects for detection of early stage lung cancer with the use of low dose computed tomography (CT) [2]. Accurate imaging for evaluation of the Lymph Node Metastases (LNM) could affect the treatment of these patients [3]. Many imaging modalities such as CT, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Positron Emission Tomography-CT (PET-CT), as well as other diagnostic techniques like ultrasound-guide...
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