The future of robotics: in a transhuman world, the disabled will be the ones without prosthetic limbs

Bertolt Meyer's amazing bionic hand controlled by an iPhone app is a glimpse of the advances being made in prosthetics. But in years to come, will everyone want one?Bertolt Meyer is used to being viewed as not fully human. Born with a stump where his left hand should have been, he spent his childhood wearing a hook connected to an elaborate pulley and harness. "To open the hook and grasp things I had to flex my shoulders like this," he says, striking a he-man pose. "The harness was very uncomfortable. To stop it chafing my skin, I had to wear a shirt underneath it at all times. I was always sweating."Even when, at the age of 19, Meyer exchanged his body-powered hook for a myoelectric prosthesis with a more realistic plastic hand, he kept his disfigured left arm hidden from view. "It wasn't simply a question of aesthetics," he explains, proffering the plastic hand, now grubby and discoloured with use. "You have to understand, this is a stigma. People think it's weird and that is how you come to perceive it. You walk around with a sense of shame."Today, that shame is gone. In 2009 Meyer, a social psychologist at the University of Zurich, was fitted with an i-limb, a state-of-the-art bionic prosthesis developed by a Scottish company, Touch Bionics, that comes with an aluminium chassis and 24 different grip patterns. To select a new suite of gestures, Meyer simply taps an app on his iPhone."This is the first prosthesis where the aesthe...
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Inhibitors of mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR) are arguably the most reliable of the current crop of compounds that slow aging by targeting stress response mechanisms, improving cellular health and resilience to some degree. The observed gain in life span in mice and lower species is likely to be much larger than the outcome achieved in longer-lived species such as our own, as that is unfortunately just the way things work for this class of approach to aging. Short-lived species evolved to have far greater plasticity of longevity in response to environmental circumstances. The health benefits in old humans tha...
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Over the years I have received various awards for my efforts here, as well as interviews. Unfortunately, I've been blogging longer than some of the sites that featured me! I've updated this page with archive links so you can see what the award pages looked like when the award was issued. This is important because each one of these awards leads to a list of excellent sites and wonderful writers who have their own things to say about ADHD, depression, and mental health. Now you can discover them, and, with luck, access them again.Enjoy!~D ˢ2018Healthline2017Healthline2016Healthline2014Top Ten ADHD Blogs2013☞ ShareCar...
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Purinergic receptor-7 (P2X7R) signaling controls Th17 and Th1 generation/differentiation, while NOD-like receptor P3 (NLRP3) acts as a Th2 transcriptional factor. Here, we demonstrated the existence of a P2X7R/NLRP3 pathway in T cells that is dysregulated by a P2X7R intracellular region loss-of-function mutation, leading to NLRP3 displacement and to excessive Th17 generation due to abrogation of the NLRP3-mediated Th2 program. This ultimately resulted in poor outcomes in cardiac-transplanted patients carrying the mutant allele, who showed abnormal Th17 generation. Transient NLRP3 silencing in nonmutant T cells or overexpre...
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Publication date: Available online 16 July 2018Source: Arthroscopy TechniquesAuthor(s): Brandon C. Cabarcas, Grant H. Garcia, Anirudh K. Gowd, Joseph N. Liu, Anthony A. RomeoAbstractMassive rotator cuff tears pose significant clinical and surgical challenges for orthopaedic surgeons and increased morbidity to the patient. Left untreated, this pathology can lead to inability to perform daily activities, weakness, pain, and eventual cuff tear arthropathy. Several treatment options exist for irreparable cuff tears, such as reverse shoulder arthroplasty and tendon transfers. However, there exists significant concern for high c...
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