Medical News Today: How air pollution may lead to hair loss

New research explains the effect of pollution particles on hair follicle cells and suggests that the mechanism explains why pollution leads to hair loss.
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Authors: Abstract Hazardous drugs (HDs) are chemicals that demonstrate one or more of the following characteristics: carcinogenicity, genotoxicity, teratogenicity, reproductive toxicity, or organ toxicity. In addition, newer drugs with a structural or toxicity profile that mimics an agent known to be hazardous by one of the aforementioned criteria also should be treated as such. Any HD-handling activity can result in exposure for healthcare workers, as documented in a multitude of case reports and studies throughout the medical literature. Exposure to HDs has been associated with acute symptoms (e.g., nasal sores...
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We report 3 cases of LC-associated amyloidosis presenting with alopecia, whereby there was evidence of a systemic plasma cell dyscrasia in 2 of the patients, one of whom developed multiple myeloma. None of the patients had systemic amyloidosis. Skin presentation in the patient with multiple myeloma was characterized by a diffuse form of alopecia affecting the entire scalp, eyebrow, and axillary and pubic hair in contrast to the localized form of alopecia noted in the other 2 patients. The mechanism by which LC-associated amyloidosis eventuates in this pattern of nonscarring alopecia potentially reflects the affinity of thi...
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CONCLUSION: Monofilament Threads demonstrate highly statistically significant improvement in HMI or hair count in women female pattern hair loss. The patient survey results suggest a therapeutic advantage of Monofilament Threads as perceived by patients and according to hair count or HMI. PMID: 31619089 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Abstract This is a case report of lichen planus (LP) with multiple system involvement. A 35-year-old female patient was admitted in November 2014 with a 5-year history of painful/difficult sexual intercourse and loss of oral mucosa, and an 8-year history of focal hair loss. Earlier, the patient had been unable to adhere to corticosteroid therapy because of severe adverse side effects. In September 2014, labia minora mucosa defects and stricture of the urethral orifice (with dysuria), vaginal orifice, and vagina were identified. Biopsy was performed and a diagnosis of erosive LP was made. The patient was treated wi...
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Conclusions: The PIPAC is safe and is not a burdensome or aggressive form of therapy, especially according to the very important factors influencing the potential quality of hair and hair loss. The authors, however, realize that to obtain comprehensive results and evaluate this novel and promising method we need to perform more research without any limitations like those in our study. PMID: 31616222 [PubMed]
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;ez J PMID: 31621895 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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We present a case of a 63-year-old man with a 3-year history of progressive pustular folliculitis with inflammatory patches and central scarring alopecia on both forearms and a circumscribed patch on his right lower leg. His presentation, clinical course and isolation of Staphylococcus aureus together with the histopathological findings all supported a folliculitis decalvans-like pustular folliculitis limited to the limbs. Biopsies revealed follicular pustules, gross interfollicular fibrosis with plasma cells and concentric perifollicular fibrosis with lymphocytes, all features seen with folliculitis decalvans. The positiv...
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WONTECH, a Korean company, won FDA clearance for its HairBoom Air hair loss treatment helmet. The device delivers low-power laser therapy to the scalp, bathing it in light. This kind of treatment has been shown to help increase blood flow around ...
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Kamila Migacz-Gruszka, Wojciech Branicki, Aleksander Obtulowicz, Magdalena Pirowska, Krystian Gruszka, Anna Wojas-PelcInternational Journal of Trichology 2019 11(5):185-188 The term “microbiome” defines the collective genome of all commensal, symbiotic, and pathogenic microbes living in the human body. The composition of microbiota in the gut and skin is influenced by many factors such as the stage of life, nutrition, lifestyle, and gender. In the past few years, several scientific papers have demonstrated an implication of microbiota in many immune-mediated diseases, for example, diabetes, ulcerative colitis,...
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Conclusions: The results suggest that 308-nm excimer light has a significant effect on resistant cases of multiple AA, with considerable safety and tolerability.
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