Suboxone Forum Upgrade

Over the past year I’ve done more work ‘in the trenches’ than on this blog. I’ve been working with other forms of medication-assisted treatment, particularly methadone. In the near future I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned about the options now available for treating opioid use disorder, which will hopefully serve as one resource for guiding people addicted to opioids to the resources that are likeliest to help. Five years ago, my forum about Suboxone and buprenorphine was receiving about five times the traffic as now. I wonder – is that because I haven’t aggressively upgraded and sought SEO consultants to improve my page rank? Or is it that many of the people currently stuck on opioids have fallen into a lower part of society that doesn’t include internet access? In either or neither case, check us out at Suboxone Forum. The infrastructure has been upgraded, and is faster and more-secure. The newer site can search the past 12 years of questions and comments to answer any question, and we’re always looking for help answering new questions from newcomers. Stop by, or send someone our way. Thanks!
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