Maternal mortality in the United States: updates on trends, causes, and solutions - Collier AY, Molina RL.

The rising trend in pregnancy-related deaths during the past 2 decades in the United States stands out among other high-income countries where pregnancy-related deaths are declining. Cardiomyopathy and other cardiovascular conditions, hemorrhage, and other...
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Purpose of review To provide a framework for approaching ventricular arrhythmias in the setting of cardiomyopathy, outline the latest evidence-based recommendations for catheter ablation and device therapy, and discuss novel treatment strategies. Recent findings Risk stratification of ventricular arrhythmias in systolic heart failure has evolved, with an increasing role for cardiac magnetic resonance imaging to identify underlying substrate and scar burden. Medical therapy for heart failure has greatly improved, and the role of primary prevention defibrillators in nonischemic cardiomyopathy has become more ambiguous. ...
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Chauncey DeVega interviews Steve Hassan, a cult expert with personal experience. (He was a Moonie.) It's definitely worth your while to read the whole thing. He explains how cults of personality work and why Trump cultists are impervious to facts or logic. For those of us on the outside, it seems incomprehensible how this repulsive, stupid, malicious, narcissistic pathological liar, bully and coward can possibly attract the admiration of anyone or find anyone to believe the constant flow of bullshit out of his mouth. To Hassan, it seems, it's no mystery. I'll give you a taste, but you have to read it.Donald Trump fits the ...
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Jeffrey A. SingerBack in November the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a “breakthrough” in its investigation into the cause of what is now called EVALI (e‑cigarette vaping associated lung injury): fluid samples from patients revealed the overwhelming majority of cases were due to Vitamin E acetate, used as the solvent in THC ‐​containing vaping liquids. I argued that this discovery provided yet another reason to legalize cannabis.Because cannabis is federally banned, most THC vapers use bootleg cartridges obtained on the black market. Shortly after the discovery that inhaling...
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The hypothalamus–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis acts to release cortisol into the blood stream, as cortisol calls the body into action to combat stress. When high amounts of cortisol interact with the hypothalamus, the HPA axis will slow down its activity. The amygdala detects stress, while the prefrontal cortex regulates our reactions to stress. Source: Bezdek K and Telzer E (2017) Have No Fear, the Brain is Here! How Your Brain Responds to Stress. Front. Young Minds. 5:71. doi: 10.3389/frym.2017.00071 _______ [Editor’s note: Continued from yesterday’s Exploring the human brain and how it responds to...
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Christopher A. PrebleAs the United States struggles to contain the coronavirus outbreak, it has revivedthe perennial guns versus butter debate. Or, in this case, guns versus medical equipment. Might some of the money spent on the U.S. military have been better spent on more useful things closer to home? Might a few million additional N ‑95 masks have protected more Americans than a few additional M1 Abrams tanks? Might the money spent on even a single F ‑35 fighter plane have saved more lives — in April and May of 2020, at least — if it had been used to buy a few thousand more ventilator...
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UK foreign secretary to lead country; China reports no deaths from Covid-19UK live blog: PM spends night in intensive careBoris Johnson moved to intensive care after his condition worsensGlobal leaders send messages of support to Boris JohnsonAt a glance - latest developmentsSee all of our coronavirus coverage2.50pmBSTBrazil ’s president has been forced into a humiliating climbdown after a revolt by top members of the country ’s political and military establishment forced him to abort plans to sack the health minister with whom he has been sparring over coronavirus,Tom Phillips reports from Rio de Janeiro.Jair ...
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Male infertility is a common and devastating disease. Despite the advances in the field, we still struggle to identify, diagnose, and treat this condition. Furthermore, the field of reproductive urology trails at least 20 years behind that of female infertility. With 1% of children in the United States now born through in  vitro fertilization and up to 2% to 3% in Europe, some recent high-profile papers highlighting declining sperm counts around the world, and other data linking male infertility to poor individual and familial somatic health, it is vital that we focus our efforts on understanding this disease.
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Sperm DNA damage reduces pregnancy rates in couples undergoing in  vitro fertilization (IVF). Because it has been shown that testicular sperm have lower DNA damage than ejaculated sperm, it is an attractive idea to consider using testicular sperm for IVF for men with high sperm DNA damage. In fact, there are multiple centers throughout the world now offering sper m retrieval for IVF to manage this condition. However, there is insufficient evidence to conclude that testicular sperm improves pregnancy/live birth rates. Further studies are required before offering sperm retrieval as a standard of care to manage high sperm DNA damage.
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Although infertility is now recognized as a disease by multiple organizations including the World Health Organization and the American Medical Association, private insurance companies rarely include coverage for infertility treatments. In this review, the authors assess the current state of care delivery for male infertility care in the United States. They discuss the scope of male infertility as well as the unique burdens it places on patients and review emerging market forces that could affect the future of care delivery for male infertility.
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