The Nocturnal Brain: Nightmares, Neuroscience and the Secret World of Sleep, Guy Leschziner. Simon & Schuster (2019), 368, £16·99, ISBN: 9781471176357

Publication date: October 2019Source: The Lancet Psychiatry, Volume 6, Issue 10Author(s): Vaughan Bell
Source: The Lancet Psychiatry - Category: Psychiatry Source Type: research

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Fitbit or Apple Watch for running? Garmin or Misfit for swimming? Sleep Cycle or Sleep as Android for sleep tracking? What about measuring heart rate, blood pressure, or tracking how to cut out stress from your life? Dozens of gadgets on the healthcare wearable market promise you a healthier lifestyle, but it’s easy to go astray in the jungle of digital health gadgets. Let me show you my top choices when it comes to health wearables and trackers. Guidance in the health wearable universe By now, I have tested and used more than a hundred devices and gadgets that measure health parameters or vital signs. Thus,...
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Only few studies have investigated pharmacologic treatment for juvenile PTSD. Antiadrenergic agents are an interesting option, because of an autonomic nervous system hyperactivation in PTSD. Prazosin, an α-1 antagonist, has proven its efficacy in an adult population. In the pediatric population, few data support its use for nightmares and sleep disturbances in PTSD. We aim to assess the efficacy and safety of prazosin in a pediatric population.
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Children ’s sleep problems, such as nightmares and insomnia, are associated with poorer functioning in higher-order cognitive abilities known as executive function (EF). EF is a broad unitary construct composed of distinct foundational components that enable goal-directed behavior. EF is associated with im portant socio-emotional and behavioral development, as well as academic performance. Although EF deficits have been linked with sleep problems in children, research has not examined whether improvements in sleep deficits translate into EF gains.
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i De Gennaro Sleep significantly changes across the lifespan, and several studies underline its crucial role in cognitive functioning. Similarly, mental activity during sleep tends to covary with age. This review aims to analyze the characteristics of dreaming and disturbing dreams at different age brackets. On the one hand, dreams may be considered an expression of brain maturation and cognitive development, showing relations with memory and visuo-spatial abilities. Some investigations reveal that specific electrophysiological patterns, such as frontal theta oscillations, underlie dreams during sleep, as well as episo...
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Most people have talked or walked during sleep at some time in our lives. However, some people exhibit more unusual complex behaviors while asleep, including eating and driving. These types of behaviors, called parasomnias, come about when parts of our brain are asleep and other parts awake at the same time. Parasomnias, while generally considered normal in a healthy child, can be a cause for concern when they develop in adults. Earlier this year the FDA issued a “black box” warning for the sleep medications eszopiclone, zaleplon, and zolpidem, given reports of sleep behaviors that resulted in injuries from fal...
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Conclusions:Because the nightmare frequencies were very stable, it would be desirable to carry out intervention studies treating nightmares as early as possible—even in childhood—and study whether nightmare occurrence is lower even years after the intervention.Citation:Schredl M, Gilles M, Wolf I, Peus V, Scharnholz B, Sütterlin M, Bardtke S, Send TS, Samaras A, Deuschle M. Nightmares and stress: a longitudinal study.J Clin Sleep Med. 2019;15(9):1209–1215.
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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a common, often debilitating mental health condition that occurs in some people who have experienced trauma. It can have a negative impact on mood, mimicking depression, and is characterized by petrifying episodes in which affected people re-experience trauma. New research suggests psychotherapy may provide a long-lasting reduction of distressing symptoms. Over the course of a lifetime, many people directly experience or witness trauma, such as sexual assault, violence, or natural disasters. Experts estimate that 10% to 20% of these people will experience acute (short-term) PTSD. So...
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Conclusions: Most studies to date are small and of low quality, with significant limitations to the study designs precluding any clinical recommendations about its use in routine clinical practice. Evidence that cannabinoids may help reduce global PTSD symptoms, sleep disturbances, and nightmares indicates that future well-controlled, randomized, double-blind clinical trials are highly warranted. PROSPERO registration number: 121646. PMID: 31479625 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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This article presents the current situation in the treatment of insomnia and nightmare disorders as particularly well-suited fields of application. For insomnia there are several English language and also recently German language options, which for example were also evaluated for the application to work-related stress and sleep disorders. In this respect, procedures with and without contact to a therapist or multicomponent procedures and single interventions can be differentiated. For nightmare disorders imagery rehearsal therapy provides a structure, which can also easily be transferred to an internet-based therapy p...
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Abstract Subjects suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder present sleeping disorders like a chronic insomnia, traumatic nightmares, but also less expected, sleep breathing disorders. Sleep problems are a factor of development and maintenance of PTSD, but also a factor of resistance to treatment. After a therapy focused on PTSD, they represent frequent residual symptoms. It is necessary to couple, with the usual management of PTSD, targeted approaches for sleep problems. These targeted approaches allow an improvement of the nocturnal properties but also diurnal specific symptoms of PTSD. Stakes around primary...
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