Bifunctional NiCo2Se4 and CoNi2Se4 nanostructures: Efficient electrodes for battery-type supercapacitors and electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction

We report the fabrication of bimetallic NiCo2Se4 and CoNi2Se4 nanostructures on nickel-foam (Ni-foam) substrates via a potentiostatic-deposition method by adjusting the molar ratio of Ni and Co metals. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analyses show that burl-like clusters with characteristic fluffy NiCo2Se4 and flake-like CoNi2Se4 hierarchical structures were deposited on the Ni-foam substrates. When used as battery-type electrodes in supercapacitors, both NiCo2Se4 and CoNi2Se4 electrodes exhibited outstanding capacity and good electrochemical properties. The CoNi2Se4 electrode delivered excellent capacity and cycling stability (602 C g–1 at 1 A g–1 and 98.30% retention after 5000 cycles at 40 A g–1) when compared to the NiCo2Se4 electrode (353 C g–1 at 1 A g–1 and 96.83% retention after 5000 cycles at 40 A g–1). Furthermore, as-deposited NiCo2Se4 and CoNi2Se4 hierarchical structures were employed as efficient electrocatalysts for water oxidation in alkaline solutions. NiCo2Se4 and CoNi2Se4 electrocatalysts showed low overpotentials of 257 and 244 mV in a 1.0 M KOH aqueous solution, respectively. The electrocatalysts also exhibited prolonged stability (NiCo2Se4 and CoNi2Se4 maintained currents of 95.6% and 97.5%, respectively, over 10 h), which makes them comparable to well-known Ni and Co-based catalysts. Collectively, th...
Source: Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry - Category: Chemistry Source Type: research

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Publication date: Available online 15 October 2019Source: Sport Management ReviewAuthor(s): Kate Westberg, Constantino Stavros, Francis Farrelly, Aaron C.T. SmithAbstractSport has the capacity to intimately engage fans, deliver intensely emotional experiences, and create attachments to athletes and teams. This connection can be threatened by a number of actions or incidents, including scandals, and fans may engage in a range of behaviors to protect their identification. The purpose of this study is to explore and explicate the concept of fan empathy and illuminate the processes that fans engage in that lead to an empatheti...
Source: Sport Management Review - Category: Sports Medicine Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 14 October 2019Source: Seminars in Ultrasound, CT and MRIAuthor(s): A Sureshkumar, B Hansen, D ErsahinAbstractNuclear medicine (NM) plays a unique role in the detection of infection and inflammation. This review looks at different methods that are used for detection of infections and explains how they differ from cross sectional imaging such as CT and MRI. Images are provided to aid understanding and interpretation of NM scans. There is also a brief discussion of future techniques that can alter the use of NM for infection work up.
Source: Seminars in Ultrasound, CT and MRI - Category: Radiology Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 14 October 2019Source: NeuroImage: ClinicalAuthor(s): Robert Loughnan, Diego L. Lorca-Puls, Andrea Gajardo-Vidal, Valeria Espejo-Videla, Céline R. Gillebert, Dante Mantini, Cathy J. Price, Thomas M.H. HopeAbstractAround a third of stroke survivors suffer from acquired language disorders (aphasia), but current medicine cannot predict whether or when they might recover. Prognostic research in this area increasingly draws on datasets associating structural brain imaging data with outcome scores for ever-larger samples of stroke patients. The aim is to learn brain-behavior trends from ...
Source: NeuroImage: Clinical - Category: Radiology Source Type: research
This study aims at prospectively evaluating an adapted DWI sequence ex vivo and in vivo in oncologic patients undergoing abdominal MRI. Methods This institutional review board–approved, prospective study included phantom measurements, volunteer examinations, and oncologic patient examinations of the abdomen. Fifty-seven MRI examinations in 54 patients (mean age, 58 years; range, 21–90 years) were included into the analysis. The MRI examination were performed at a 1.5 T MRI scanner (MAGNETOM Aera; Siemens Healthcare, Erlangen, Germany) and included both a standard EPI-DWI (s-DWI; b = 50, 900 s/mm2) and an ada...
Source: Investigative Radiology - Category: Radiology Tags: Original Articles Source Type: research
Objectives The aim of this study was to compare a compressed-sensing free-breathing VIBE (fbVIBE) with a conventional breath-hold VIBE (bhVIBE) for dynamic contrast-enhanced imaging of the upper abdomen. Materials and Methods In total, 70 datasets (bhVIBE, n = 30; fbVIBE n = 40; hard-gated [hg] reconstruction, n = 30; motion-state-resolved [mr] reconstruction, n = 10) were assessed by 2 experienced readers. Both sequences were performed on 1.5-T magnetic resonance imaging scanners. The prototypical fbVIBE sequence acquired a navigation signal along with the imaging data and supported 2 different reconstructions: an hg...
Source: Investigative Radiology - Category: Radiology Tags: Original Articles Source Type: research
ConclusionsWhen applied to orthopedic stainless steel hardware in vitro, solutions of rifampin and vancomycin powder separately or in combination can completely prevent and eliminate biofilm produced by S. aureus.Level of EvidenceII;
Source: Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics and Trauma - Category: Orthopaedics Source Type: research
ConclusionWomen with IVF-related EUP were less symptomatic upon presentation and underwent surgery for first-line treatment more often than those with spontaneous EUP did. The type of conception was not a prognostic factor for success of first-line conservative treatment. Observation alone was more successful among IVF pregnancies.
Source: Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology - Category: OBGYN Source Type: research
Publication date: November–December 2019Source: Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, Volume 26, Issue 7, SupplementAuthor(s): D Bastawros, N Hendley, J Zhao, EM Myers, GB Taylor, MJ Kennelly, KJ Stepp, ME TarrStudy ObjectiveTo evaluate the accuracy of bladder scanner measurements in assessing post-void residual (PVR) volumes in obese women [body mass index (BMI)≥30 kg/m2] as compared to non-obese women (BMI
Source: Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology - Category: OBGYN Source Type: research
ConclusionGU and GI fistulas are rare but morbid entities, which most often manifest after missed bladder or bowel injuries, post benign gynecological surgeries. Early detection and recognition of GI and GU injuries may be key for secondary prevention of fistula formation.
Source: Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology - Category: OBGYN Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 14 October 2019Source: The LancetAuthor(s): The CRASH-3 trial collaboratorsSummaryBackgroundTranexamic acid reduces surgical bleeding and decreases mortality in patients with traumatic extracranial bleeding. Intracranial bleeding is common after traumatic brain injury (TBI) and can cause brain herniation and death. We aimed to assess the effects of tranexamic acid in patients with TBI.MethodsThis randomised, placebo-controlled trial was done in 175 hospitals in 29 countries. Adults with TBI who were within 3 h of injury, had a Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score of 12 or lower or any intracran...
Source: The Lancet - Category: General Medicine Source Type: research
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