The Lavender Fertilized Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Quadriceps Tendon All-Inside Reconstruction Fertilized With Bone Marrow Concentrate, Demineralized Bone Matrix, and Autograft Bone

Publication date: Available online 11 September 2019Source: Arthroscopy TechniquesAuthor(s): Chad Lavender, Brock Johnson, Vishavpreet Singh, Eric Dennis, LeeAnne TorresAbstractThe use of biologics in sports medicine is increasing rapidly. Bone marrow concentrate has recently increased in popularity because it includes mesenchymal stem cells which, combined with AlloSync Pure, could lead to better incorporation and healing. The mixture of bone marrow concentrate and Allosync Pure can be used in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. We recently expanded on this approach with the addition of saving the host bone normally lost from tunnel reaming, using the GraftNet. After harvesting the autograft bone, we combine it with the AlloSync Pure and bone marrow concentrate. In this Technical Note, we show how this unique biologic composite is obtained and then added back into the tunnels on both the femur and tibia during a quadriceps tendon autograft all-inside anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
Source: Arthroscopy Techniques - Category: Surgery Source Type: research

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In this study, structural proteins of MERS-CoV were expressed in silkworm larvae and Bm5 cells for the development of vaccine candidates against MERS-CoV and diagnostic methods. The spike (S) protein of MERS-CoV lacking its transmembrane and cytoplasmic domains (SοTM) was secreted into the hemolymph of silkworm larvae using a bombyxin signal peptide and purified using affinity chromatography. The purified SοTM forms small nanoparticles as well as the full-length S protein and has the ability to bind human dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP4), which is a receptor of MERS-CoV. These results indicate that bioactive S...
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ConclusionsPRDX3 is a key protective factor for intestinal I/R injury, and SIRT3-mediated PRDX3 deacetylation can alleviate intestinal I/R-induced mitochondrial oxidative damage and apoptosis.
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This study addresses the hypothesis that Bos indicus cattle breeds can be discriminated by the changes that occur in their sweat gland traits between summer and winter seasons in tropical conditions. Samples of the skin were taken from six Bos indicus cattle breeds (eight subjects per breed), including Nellore, Cangaian, Gyr, Guzerat, Punganur, and Sindhi in winter and summer. The sweat gland epithelium (μm), glandular portion length (μm), sweat gland duct length (μm), gland depth (μm), and sweat gland density (cm2) were determined. Principal component analyses were performed to address the overall structure of...
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In this study, the scale case of the photosynthetic synurophyte Mallomonas was preserved in aqueous suspension using high-pressure freezing (HPF). From this specimen, a three-dimensional (3D) data set spanning a volume of about 25.6μm × 19.2μm × 4.2μm with a voxel size of 12.5nm × 12.5nm × 25.0nm was collected by Cryo-FIB SEM in 3 hours and 24 minutes. SEM imaging using In-lens SE detection allowed to clearly differentiate between mineralized, curved scales of less than 0.2μm thickness and organic cellular ultrastructure or vitrified ice. The three-dimensional spatial orientations and sh...
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Publication date: Available online 12 October 2019Source: Journal of Theoretical BiologyAuthor(s): Samantha Herath, Daniel LoboAbstractPlanarian worms reproduce asexually by fission, resulting in two separated pieces each repatterning and regenerating a complete animal. The induction of this process is known to be dependent on the size of the worm as well as on environmental factors such as population density, temperature, and light intensity. However, despite much progress in understanding the signaling mechanisms of planarian regeneration and the biomechanics of fissioning, no induction mechanism has been proposed for th...
Source: Journal of Theoretical Biology - Category: Biology Source Type: research
Publication date: November 2019Source: Fish &Shellfish Immunology, Volume 94Author(s): Jing Wang, Jia-Jia Du, Biao Jiang, Run-Zhen He, An-Xing LiAbstractShort-term feed deprivation or fasting is commonly experienced by aquaculture fish species and may be caused by seasonal variations, production strategies, or diseases. To assess the effects of fasting on the resistance of Nile tilapia to Streptococcus agalactiae infection, vaccinated and unvaccinated fish were fasted for zero, one, three, and seven days prior to infection. The cortisol levels of both vaccinated and unvaccinated fish first decreased and then increased ...
Source: Fish and Shellfish Immunology - Category: Biology Source Type: research
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