IJERPH, Vol. 16, Pages 3177: Associations between Self-Reported Physical Activity, Heel Ultrasound Parameters and Bone Health Measures in Post-Menopausal Women

This study aimed to explore the associations between self-reported physical activity (PA), activity energy expenditure (AEE), heel ultrasound parameters and bone health measures among older adult women. The AEE was estimated from the responses of questionnaires for 125 older adult women aged 54–81 years. The bone parameters were measured by dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) and heel ultrasound parameters by the heel quantitative ultrasound (QUS). This study showed that AEE and the metabolic equivalent task (MET) were positively correlated with the bone and heel ultrasound parameters. However, fat mass (FM) and fat percentage were negatively correlated with AEE and MET. In addition, the regression analysis showed that higher AEE was a strong predictor of a higher spine T-score (β = 0.212, p = 0.015), QUS T-score (β = 0.239, p = 0.011) and stiffness index (β = 0.240, p = 0.010) after adjusting for age, fat mass, lean mass, height and calcium intake. These results contribute to our understanding of the importance of physical activity in postmenopausal women by reiterating the benefits of physical activity for older adult women. Physical activity is an important tool for the prevention and management of osteoporosis.
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(Natural News) The risk of osteoporosis begins long before menopause. Women must take care of their bone health as early as their 30s by making sure they get enough nutrients required for strong bones. Bones experience constant remodeling and rebuilding throughout a person’s growth and life. They are also honeycombed with numerous tiny pores. As these...
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AbstractPurpose of ReviewThe goal of the review is to assess the appropriateness of menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) for the primary prevention of bone loss in women at elevated risk in the early years after menopause.Recent FindingsEstrogen alone or combined with progestin to protect the uterus from cancer significantly reduces the risk of osteoporosis-related fractures. MHT increases type 1 collagen production and osteoblast survival and maintains the equilibrium between bone resorption and bone formation by modulating osteoblast/osteocyte and T cell regulation of osteoclasts. Estrogens have positive effects on muscle an...
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ConclusionPLO has a significant impact on pain, mental state, quality of life, and capacity to work. However, the long-term prognosis is promising. The severe mental distress is presumably related to several contributing factors in life such as physical integrity and independence, family life, employment, and financial security.Key Points• PLO has a strong impact on quality of life and can lead to severe mental distress.• At onset of symptoms, patients with PLO are in very poor mental and physical condition; however, the long-term outcome after inpatient rehabilitation seems to be good.• Most patients do not...
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Apple continues to move deeper into healthcare - particularly in the field of medical research. The tech giant has announced three health studies its U.S. customers can now enroll in through a new research app. The studies include the Apple Women’s Health Study, the Apple Heart and Movement Study, and the Apple Hearing Study. Conducted in partnership with leading academic and research institutions, these multi-year longitudinal studies are available in the new Research app, which can be downloaded today from the App Store. The Cupertino, CA-based company said now participants can potentially groundbreaki...
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l-tetrahydropalmatine suppresses osteoclastogenesis in vivo and in vitro via blocking RANK-TRAF6 interactions and inhibiting NF-κB and MAPK pathways. J Cell Mol Med. 2019 Nov 14;: Authors: Zhi X, Wang L, Chen H, Fang C, Cui J, Hu Y, Cao L, Weng W, Zhou Q, Qin L, Song H, Wang Y, Wang Y, Jiang H, Li X, Wang S, Chen X, Su J Abstract Bone homeostasis is delicately orchestrated by osteoblasts and osteoclasts. Various pathological bone loss situations result from the overactivated osteoclastogenesis. Receptor activator of nuclear factor κB ligand (RANKL)-activated NF-κB and MAPK pathways i...
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ConclusionsPTH levels might be associated with bone material strength, although other factors might be contributory. In HypoPT, resistance to microfracture is decreased and may be associated with greater supplemental calcium doses and might increase with PTH replacement. It remains to be determined whether changes in bone remodeling and microarchitecture contribute to the effects of PTH on microfracture resistance.
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ABSTRACTShort sleep duration, recognized as a public health epidemic, is associated with adverse health conditions, yet little is known about the association between sleep and bone health. We tested the associations of usual sleep behavior and bone mineral density (BMD) and osteoporosis. In a sample of 11,084 postmenopausal women from the Women's Health Initiative (WHI; mean age 63.3  years, SD = 7.4), we performed a cross‐sectional study of the association of self‐reported usual hours of sleep and sleep quality (WHI Insomnia Rating Score) with whole body, total hip, femoral neck, and spine BMD using linear regr...
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Conclusions: Consuming more than two servings of soft drinks per day on average showed potential associations with higher risk of hip fracture among postmenopausal women.
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Objective: This randomized, clinical trial investigated whether zoledronic acid combined with oral health maintenance can improve periodontal disease associated with osteoporosis, thus reducing the risk of tooth loss. Methods: Participants were those of the ZONE (ZOledroNate treatment in efficacy to osteoporosis) study. None of the participants had symptomatic periodontal disease at baseline. Participants received either zoledronic acid (5 mg; n = 333 [male 21, female 312]) or placebo (n = 332 [male 19, female 313]) once yearly for 2 years, and their age was 74.0 ± 5.3 (65-88) and 74.3 ±...
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Conclusions: The findings of this analysis suggested that circulating irisin levels were decreased in middle-aged and older participants with osteoporosis. Irisin was positively correlated with bone mineral density.
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